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75 ABY - Where the war between the Jedi, Sith and Shadow Knights rages.
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 Galactic Bureau Office

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PostSubject: Galactic Bureau Office   Sat Mar 05, 2011 10:43 am

The Galactic Bureau Office of HoloNet News is situated on the planet of Adarlon in the capital city of Belrand. Over the years the building had been first in Imperial then Jedi space. Due to continued cries of 'media favoritism' by the different factions the News Service finally moved from the Core Worlds to the Outer Rim. Now a semblance of 'fair and balanced' reporting is always kept to the fore.

A permanent site was chosen and a building designed to meet the needs of a growing media enterprise. It's numerous departments and offices cover all the galaxy's systems and planets. Satellite Offices also abound. Thousands of employees including roving reporters and interstellar journalists roam the galaxy looking for pertinent and important news stories. The Galactic Bureau Office is a large modern complex where the hustle and bustle never ends. A giant teletron flashes images and stories to the people of Adarlon. Adarlon is also the site of the development of holographics for entertainment. The innovation was valuable in HoloNet News becoming the galaxy's premier news source and the leader in journalistic excellence.

The Editor In Chief is Angus Fenwick, a driven individual who pushes his employees to continued heights of journalistic creativity. He is a hard nosed Editor who expects loyalty to the principles of media integrity. His no nonsense approach has brought HoloNet News to the heights of communication technology and advancement.

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Galactic Bureau Office
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