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75 ABY - Where the war between the Jedi, Sith and Shadow Knights rages.
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 Hold the Presses, or the Beam Out

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PostSubject: Hold the Presses, or the Beam Out   Sat Mar 05, 2011 11:50 am

Angus Fenwick sat in his office studying the data of the day's news stories. He had been busy all morning, the teletron had stopped working for some odd reason and the communications array orbiting the planet had a glitch of some type, the techs had been unable to load the stories for beam out to the various planets and systems awaiting the daily news. Strange occurances and odd happenings. He frowned with concentration, sipping on his kaf as he read.

Damnation....what a morning. What the hell is going on? Angus, ever effusive mumbled to himself. Then a red light began to flash on his computer....his 'secure' link that was used in times of stories that were 'high caution'. He quickly went to the link and an encrypted message came through. A holo generator in the data bank processors came on and the image of Mikal Jarilewski appeared.

"Editor there is something big going on in the SKE. My source contacted me that something has happened on the Outpost of Houche in the Zuma Sector. No one knows yet what occurred. All the bigwigs are out and the fleet is said to be mobilizing. I wouldn't publish yet until we know more. I don't want to stay on too long and take the risk of compromising the link. I'll keep you apprised. Jarilewski out for now."

The holo image stopped projecting and Angus grinned. Now it makes sense. Our galactic 'friends' are trying to keep the press from getting the story. 'Unexplained glitches' ass. Ah.... how I love the scent of an exclusive in the morning. He whistled as he went back to his work.

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Hold the Presses, or the Beam Out
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