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75 ABY - Where the war between the Jedi, Sith and Shadow Knights rages.
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 Preparations for the Grave Galactic Threat

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PostSubject: Preparations for the Grave Galactic Threat   Sun Mar 13, 2011 3:06 pm

The Grand Master sat once again in her office. Data sheets were spread out everywhere and datapads piled before her. She kept looking from one to the other, studying everything with grave intensity. She sighed wearily. Since the first terrible vision in the Meditation Room she had partaken of the Oracle's capacity to enhance foresight on several occasions. Vigorously she sought ways to defeat the threat the galaxy faced.

Initially she had been horror stricken at the carnage. Even as old a campaigner as she had been repulsed by the horrific violence of the assault on their galaxy. The Houche Out Post they now knew had been destroyed. Going there had caused friction with the Shadow Knight Empire but the need to know had over ruled that possibility.

Emperor Glaucus and the Knights were suspicious of the Jedi and with good reason. Why Grand Master Sylus had abandoned the Alliance the two factions had once shared was still a mystery to her. His reasons were not recorded in the logs he had left behind nor in his personal writings and correspondence. She however had to go forward now and blaze a new path. Her visions had shown her clearly that only through mutual cooperation would the galaxy survive the coming onslaught. The galactic power brokers would put aside their differences, or they would all fall separately. In what far place doing battle on some hill or knoll would their end come? None would be left to tell the tale of the glory of the Sith, the valor of the Jedi, the might of the Shadow Knights, the strength of the Kasai. Chaos and terror would reign as the peoples of the galaxy were enslaved and their cultures faded into oblivion. That she would never allow even if it meant she herself perished in the engagements to come.

She had called Dunn Ishhh to her for an update on the new fleet and how soon it would be in readiness.

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PostSubject: Re: Preparations for the Grave Galactic Threat   Mon Mar 14, 2011 1:38 am

Ishhh got a call from the Grand Master once again to check up on his forth coming with the fleet. He had what he needed after many hours and sleepless nights of research. He only wondered how long this fleet would take to be complete. He entered the Grand
Masters office and bowed to her before speaking.

I have what I need to bring to the Council. A fleet sufficient enough to take care of any crisis at hand...a fleet I proudly call the Voodoo Fleet. Each type ship is a design of myself, needless to say I have been working extremely hard and I'm about to fall over of pure exhaustion...but I come before you proudly. Ishhh handed over a data card which contained the specifics of the Voodoo Fleet.

Voodoo Fleet:

40 Exxon-Class Battleships
100 ArcAngel-Class Battlecruisers
150 Reaper-Class Destroyers
200 Revanant-Class Assaultships
300 Hercules-Class Frigates
350 Paladin-Class Corvettes
450 Stinger-Class Assault Transports
500 Viper-Class Starfighters

Ishhh only hoped the Council will fund this to its extremity...its potential was great and Ishhh was willing to prove it. So what do you think Grand Master?
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PostSubject: Re: Preparations for the Grave Galactic Threat   Mon Mar 14, 2011 5:59 pm

Khelsia took the datapad from Ishhh and swallowed a bit hard when she saw what was on there. The new fleet was going to have a hefty price tag. She already had assurances from some of the member planets of the Republic that the funding was forthcoming and in some cases already available. Some of the Senators had been informed of the threat and they were frightened. Will the Council agree this is necessary? The Jedi Grand Master believed they would. She looked up at the RSS Director, his face etched with wrinkles of fatigue as was hers. Both of them had little to no sleep in days.

"This will be fine Director and it is necessary. I already have assurances from some quarters that the price will be covered. We will take it before the Council but time for debate is past. I give you permission to begin the building. We must utilize all private and public shipyards available within the confines of the Republic. And beyond if we can. We have not a second to waste. If we do not move swiftly our way of life may become extinct."

Her voice grew animated as she spoke, her eyes shone with the emotions which filled her.
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PostSubject: Re: Preparations for the Grave Galactic Threat   Tue Mar 15, 2011 9:15 pm

Ishhh was happy with her reassurance. Though did not tell her that he already began to build the fleet. Even if it wasn't fully funded, Ishhh wanted what he could get as soon as possible. The few shipyards he knew of were full at work, now if only he could get the support of the smaller ones or those more distant from the RSS building. Ishhh was still rather new to the Republic.

Yes I understand master. I shall gt its production up and moving and contact as many shipyards and contractors to help out. It is for the best of the Republic. I promise this fleet shall serce the people well, and maybe be the cause of safety to the whole Galaxy if it could be established in time for us to put down this threat.
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PostSubject: Re: Preparations for the Grave Galactic Threat   Wed Mar 16, 2011 8:58 pm

Khelsia had never seen a more dedicated Jedi than Dunn Ishhh. His attention to detail, planning and execution of his duties was flawless. "I must say Ishhh I commend you for your extraordinary service to the Republic. You truly do wonderful work. The new fleet will be operational before too long I think. Shipbuilding can go quickly at need. Have you found most of the shipyards? Let me know if there are more to contact. I may be able to be of assistance."

She looked at the pile of work on her desk and knew there were not enough hours in the day. The Jedi Grand Master was pleased at the progress being made however. "I would like to see ome of the ships as they are completed. What else do you need? Is the weaponry being prepared and the surveillance equipment as well?"
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PostSubject: Re: Preparations for the Grave Galactic Threat   Thu Mar 17, 2011 10:23 pm

Ishhh knew that the Grand Master had an immense amount of work to did he, and he noticed all of the paperwork on her desk. He tried not to be much of a bother, but he knew that this fleet was of the highest importance.

Your acknowledgment is much appreciated and I will continue to show my efforts to the Republic. And the shipyards I have contacted were strictly induced for the Jedi military, I have no contact with other contractors or vendors. More shipyards would help the progress. Ishhh replied to her first statement.

Ishhh then realized that he didnt draw up any specs for the surveillance teams, in honesty he had forgot about that little bit. I have put work into RSS surveillance issues, though I saw that its previous system was adequate enough to support our needs. Though in time I would like to put more effort into its replace, I have upped the man hours and work so that more agents are throughout the Republic. Ishhh paused for a moment. Other than that I have no needs...and I shall let you get back to your work.
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PostSubject: Re: Preparations for the Grave Galactic Threat   Fri Mar 18, 2011 12:11 am

Khelsia smiled at the RSS Director's consideration of her busyness. "I don't mind I am enjoying the break of meeting with you. This pile will go down slowly as it keeps getting added to. At times like this the reports are unending." She indicated the piles with a wave of her hand.

"I only asked about the surveillance equipment as sometimes it takes a while to have it all assembled. We have a company we use primarily, Jandell Security Systems. They're located on Corellia. They are discreet in their dealings and not prone to 'leaks' of information regarding frequencies, etc. Some companies are very unreliable or will given details to the highest bidder. I can help you by contacting them if needed. This is a big task you're undertaking and I appreciate your hard work."

Khelsia leaned back a bit in her chair giving herself a short break.
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PostSubject: Re: Preparations for the Grave Galactic Threat   

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Preparations for the Grave Galactic Threat
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