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75 ABY - Where the war between the Jedi, Sith and Shadow Knights rages.
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 News from the Tapani Sector

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PostSubject: News from the Tapani Sector   Thu Sep 10, 2009 9:11 pm

Yesterday forces of the Sith Empire have achieved a crushing victory on the world of Procopia. Their daring attack allowed the Imperials to capture the capital of Procopia within a standard day. Minor skirmishes have been reported throughout the planet, but most of the Allied armies have retreated after their defeat on Estalle Island. Various sources report Allied casualties to range between 10 000 to over 400 000 killed, wounded or captured. The Sith Empire is yet to provide us with information of their losses, but they are estimated to be at least twice lower than those of the Allied force (according to Imperial officials, of course).

Cargo ships, bringing humanitarian aid, have arrived recently to help the population of Procopia to recover from the war. Already Imperial engineers work tirelessly to return Estalle Island to its former glory. They promise to rebuild everything within 6 months. Well, only time will tell how well the Sith can keep their promises…


And in later news today, Titus Varhoot, the newly-appointed Prime Minister of Fondor, has signed the treaty that officially annexed Fondor to the Sith Empire. Not even a day has passed before a full fleet arrived and created a defensive perimeter around the planet. Simultaneously, Imperial troops were deployed to aid Fondorian Security Force in putting down the riots. Also, Alaric Vadde, the CEO of Fondor Shipyards announced that due to Empire’s increasing need in new warships, the Shipyards are hiring again, and all those who have lost their jobs because of the earlier… inconveniences, are welcome to return. Needless to say that this announcement bodes well to the planet’s stability as more and more workers abandon their ‘revolutionary’ cause and return to their old lives. By Mr. Vadde’s estimations, the Shipyards will exceeded their pre-annexation production rate within a month.


With Procopia and Fondor secured, the Sith Empire has efficiently placed the Tapani Sector under its influence. Many of the local nobles have accepted Emperor Sampaga as their liege lord, and Imperial garrisons were placed on many worlds in the Sector to prevent possible invasion by the Shadow Knight Empire or the Jedi Republic. And, although retaining a good measure of autonomy, these worlds will also provide resources to the Sith, thus bolstering their ever growing war machine.
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News from the Tapani Sector
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