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75 ABY - Where the war between the Jedi, Sith and Shadow Knights rages.
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 About the kasai

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PostSubject: About the kasai   Tue Feb 16, 2010 8:24 pm

What Are the Kasai? Who are they? What significance do they show?

The Kasai was a race of people created when the ancient sith reproduced with the furian race, molding customs, culture, and abilities. There way is unique.

The kasai:

Combat is a Ritual. To have the ability to join the fighting force is there “right of passage” society said that if they could defend there home, then they have all other rights as adults.

The Kasai style of Combat: Being in isolationism until recently, the Kasai style of combat has not been seen by many. Of those that have, some say that is perfect and lethal. Like those that came before them, each Kasai is taught the style; not out of prestige, but of survival. Some of the most dangerous animals live on those four worlds. This style was invented so they could survive.

The Basics: The basics are things learned before one ever picks up a sword, mostly taught by a parent at the breakfast table when there little one asks questions. Yet they are as much if not more as important as the advanced parts. They are the foundation to the style.

Tempo: To control the tempo of a fight means to be in control, when and where happens. This is not limited to just the battle. The tempo can be personal tempo, how fast your strikes are, how fluid, direct ect…

Foot work: The Kasai really are a people with great footwork, especially the lionsk hunters. If you remain still, they will shred you to peaces. The use of foot work is vital to the Kasai.

The Three plain battle: This is the MOST important part of the basics. The three plains are mind, body and spirit. The physical battle is the body, the mental battle is the mind, and the spiritual battle is a more complicated ordial. A kasai warrior learns to affect all those elements in battle. Only then will victory be flawless.

Now, this is not a over layer. This is an addition too. The Kasai’s most basic philosophy is “whatever works” Or “results over method.” Now this is not saying by whatever means necessary. This is giving the Kasai freedom to do what has to be done. This means that previous training is acceptable, even encouraged in this relm. However it needs to be done.

The class structure: There is no real class structure in the Kasai world (besides the previously stated) Each person much be willing to honor EVERY agreement made, or they do not make it. Seeing as the society was based on honor, to loose it means

The Kasai are a warrior race much like the mandalorions. They seek a deeper meaning and beauty in the ritual of combat. it is the truest and greatest proffesion. They have a class system based on honor, not on prestigue

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About the kasai
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