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75 ABY - Where the war between the Jedi, Sith and Shadow Knights rages.
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PostSubject: Planets   Tue Feb 16, 2010 8:26 pm

View the map to learn more about Kasai-controlled space
The Kasai Belt

From space side, looks much like Courascant and little else like the rest of the Kasai world. The Kasai way of life was too much for most people to understand, or handle for that matter. The tall sky scrapers and lanes of traffic was filled with people who came to this planet for various reasons: shelter, price, living, exile. The Kasai welcomed them all. They boosted there economy and added to there ability to mobilize cheap warriors when needed. It was a part of living here. The Many Mattet that wanted a little more income sold there high quality, less capable weapons to the public. They understood that the Belt came first. Yet still, some of the best weapons came from here. It was rumored that only the best Bounty Hunters got the ACTUAL Kasai weapons. It took honor to receive an honor.
Inside the many levels of sky scrapers was the favored lionks bar where people could gather for some good old Kasai food, sit and take a drink, gamble and enjoy some female entertainment. The circular like place allowed a lot of people to sit at the tables, and enjoy them selves.

All Around the planet, before one can enter the atmosphere even, the ship yards are visible. Alecra makes good use of its space, adding factories to drift in orbit around the planet with its ships well docked. Planet side, thousands of plants can be seen, and thousands more of mines to get the ore and metal used for these buildings. The plants aren't just capital ships, but fighters, tanks, speeders, weapons, armor, everything a Kasai needs. The most beautiful time of day is at night, when everything sparkles. The Kasai work until the job is done, then they can relax. That attitude made Alecra a great asset to the Kasai.

There is little to be seen from space at this planet. its beautiful hues of green, blue, tans, and reds make it a swirl of color. On the planet, simplistic neighborhoods and houses can bee seen. The dark tan skin of the warrior is seen running laps, practicing swords, guns, and martial arts. The training was not a boot camp or drill camp, it was like a seminar, lasting forever. The improvement was only as far as the warrior was willing to go.
On the planet though was one of the most watched places in the belt: the Brasok Arena. Here warriors tested themselves against each other for various reasons: the most common being dispute, promotion, or marital affairs. The Arena was built out a red sandy like stone. the structure reminded one of a Colosseum. The 100 rows of stands stretched for about a 1000 foot radius of the inner circle: the fighting ring. Prestige was not a thing found in Kasai society, so it was first come first serve. However, the fights where most times scheduled very quickly, it was hard to go from another planet to here and make the fight. It was really to see what was gong on that day.

It is a planet of few colors; the cool browns, tans, and greys. A more arib like planet, it built those who either knew how to work to survive, or think to survive. This built a fabulous asset to the Kasai, giving them a few more necessities to complete their daily life. The Thinkers went to school, and the workers did weight training and work. Once they found approved to be apart of the society, they moved to wherever they where needed. The low key houses made for simple and easy living in the desert climate.

The Chiss Sector
The Chiss Sector was assimilated into the Kasai after a bloodless takeover by the Forge Erebus. The Chiss, a xenophobic people, are wary of outsiders, but their array of planets and citizens provide the Kasai with materials and wealth. After 8 years many of the Chiss are starting to adopt Kasai traditions and customs, while merging them with their own.

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