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75 ABY - Where the war between the Jedi, Sith and Shadow Knights rages.
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PostSubject: Ranks   Thu May 06, 2010 10:16 pm

The Kasai are a warrior race much like the mandalorions. They seek a deeper meaning and beauty in the ritual of combat. it is the truest and greatest proffesion. They have a class system based on honor, not on prestigue.

Kasai Apprentice: All Kasai forceusers frist get the rank of Apprentice, They learn under a teach the ways of the kasai and they ways of the force.

The Aorrao: Level up *Same as a jedi Knight, sith warrior etc.

The Mattet: Level up *same as Jedi defender,sith master,Shadow Master

The Bou'lde: Level up*Shadow Lord, Sith lord, Jedi master,

The Preda'ke: these is the highest combat class in the Kasai. These are the "black opps" of the Kasai belt. Trained in the art of survival, empty hand, weapons, tracking, ambushing, investigating, hiding, and stealth; they are the lethal hand of the Ariastia and the Forge when negitiations fail.

The Aristia: they are the leaders of the Kasai belt. they where gifted with the ability to think on a greater level and work well in commities for the betterment of the Kasai. they excell at nagotiotions.

The Forge: he is the head Aristia, more of the "king" of the Kasai. He was choosen by the people to lead them. he was gifted with compassion and loving for the massess, making every sacrafice for the greater good

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