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75 ABY - Where the war between the Jedi, Sith and Shadow Knights rages.
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 Civil unrest in the Chiss Ascendancy

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PostSubject: Civil unrest in the Chiss Ascendancy   Sat Jun 26, 2010 6:31 pm

In a shocking development, it has been recently revealed that House Tann – one of the ruling Houses of the Chiss Ascendancy – was dealing with the Vagaari slavers. Who, in case our viewers do not know, are the sworn, albeit unofficial, enemies of the Chiss people. The news caused shock and disbelieve all across Chiss-controlled worlds. However as irrefutable evidence was disclosed, this shock has turned into blind rage. Even now tens if not hundreds of thousands of people are out in the streets, demanding the government to resign. For now Household Phalanxes were successful in their defense of the so-called House Palace. There are no reported casualties yet, however we know for certain that firefight are already breaking out in different areas of Csaplar.

The situation is aggravated even further as many prominent Chiss military and political leaders have openly branded the Councilors as traitors to the state and demanded their immediate surrender to and judgment by court martial. High General Kjar’hedin’nuruodo who has just yesterday arrived to Corellia with a diplomatic visit was enraged, as the witnesses claim, and has almost immediately addressed an appeal to the people of the Chiss Ascendancy, calling them to ‘Hang the rotten treasonous bastards as a warning for all those who would put personal interests before their homeland’ end of quotation. The High General also claims that he will return to Csilla as soon as possible to deal with the matter personally.

The League of Systems is yet to comment the situation, though Imperial Ambassador on Csilla Gerhard von Kluge has expressed his sorrow due to the bloodshed and called both sides to resolve the conflict peacefully. The ambassador did, however, order all available forces to be brought into full battle readiness and practically turned the Sith Embassy into a fortress. No action against either the rioters or the government supporters has been taken.

HNN currently has several reporters on the scene and will inform you of any developments of the Chiss tragedy. Stay tuned.
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PostSubject: Re: Civil unrest in the Chiss Ascendancy   Sat Jun 26, 2010 8:59 pm

The high counselor of the chiss ascendancy called the holonet new to do a small interview just to give them the truth on what was going on in the chiss sector of space. The Holonet knews reports traveled into the world of csilla and met with the High Counselor at a secret location to speak about the situation on csilla.

"hello reporters of holonet, As you already know i am the High counselor of the Chiss, these current events are unfourtunit. Frist off i want to say we had no idea about the house of tann, they are being dealt with properly. Ever since the leaked information about the house of tann things have gone down hill. I have took it upon myself to contact the kasai leaders for help. Lord Erebus leader of the Kasai has offered there help in many diffrent ways. They are even dealing with the riots and they will work on our goverment and putting things back in order. With my permission I've allowed the kasai to declare martial law, we need the Kasais help if the Ascendancy is to survive. The Kasai and Chiss Ascendancy have lived in peace for years not getting into any galatic conflicts. I plan to keep it that way, We want to keep our two worlds away from the bigger powers in the galaxy such as the Sith,Jedi and Shadow Empire. Thank you for meeting with me have a great day"

Reporter: And there you have it people! stay tuned for more news in the Chiss sector!
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PostSubject: Re: Civil unrest in the Chiss Ascendancy   Sun Jun 27, 2010 2:53 pm

In a few hours after the shocking announcement made by the Chiss High Counsellor and the following bloody firefights between civilian protesters and what seemed to be the Kasai soldiers, sent to ‘deal with the riots’ as the High Counsellor named it, a famed hero of the Swarm War, High General Kjar’hedin’nuruodo has also made a public appearance and gave a short speech before HNN cameras.

“Citizens of the Chiss Ascendancy! My brothers and sisters! Valiant soldiers of our navy and army! I speak to you now, my friends, not as a politician, not as a military leader, but as your compatriot, a simple man, whose homeland is in terrible danger. As dire as the truth may be to comprehend, we have been betrayed, my friends. Betrayed by the very people we entrusted to lead us! They have allowed foreign invaders into our land, they have sold us out to the invaders. Is this a Chiss way? No!

Do not deceive yourself, we are now at war. The Kasai oppressors have already bullied the cowardly Council into submission, forcing it to give them the right to enact martial law and effectively kill whoever opposes them, but all is not lost. I beseech you, my brethren, do not surrender! It is our fear of conflict that has led the Ascendancy into a state of social, political and economical crisis in the first place, and now, in these dark times, we must not shrink from fighting for our freedom, just as we must not isolate ourselves from the rest of the Galaxy. The League of Systems, the Jedi, the Shadow Knigths and even the Sith are not a threat to us. It is not them but the Kasai who kill our women and children, who try to take control of our government and plan to take our freedom from us.

But I promise you this – our homeland will not fall! As long as I live, I shall fight to preserve what we have built together. But I cannot fight alone, my friends. It is up to you to join me in this undertaking. If we unite, no enemy will be able to break us. If we unite, the Chiss Ascendancy shall arise from the ashes more powerful and beautiful than before. We will find our own way in the Galaxy, but we will not forsake our neighbors either. We will not strive for war, but we will defend ourselves when necessary... But first you must comprehend the danger that threatens our people. Our enemies are ruthless and implacable. They want to steal our worlds, our resources and our youth to fuel their warmachine, they want to make us their slaves. And if so, then we must be just as ruthless in our war. We must battle against them with everything we’ve got giving the foe no quarter! To victory or death!”
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PostSubject: Re: Civil unrest in the Chiss Ascendancy   

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Civil unrest in the Chiss Ascendancy
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