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75 ABY - Where the war between the Jedi, Sith and Shadow Knights rages.
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 Of Eavesdropping and Getting the Scoop.

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PostSubject: Of Eavesdropping and Getting the Scoop.   Tue Dec 21, 2010 7:05 pm

Brie sat at her desk in the main complex of Holo Net News. Since being suspended from roving the galaxy by her editor she had been on desk duty. Most of the other reporters admired Brie's audacity, she was like a rancor chasing prey when she was onto a story. But impersonating the Hapan ambassador to gain entry to a high end society event (she'd been given a tip that the ambassador was ill and not attending) had earned her long days of mindless desk duty posting clips of advertisements to the galactic news link.

She saw her editor Angus Fenwick conversing quietly with another reporter Raul Corbin. She moved a little closer pretending to be studying data files. She heard Angus say, "We need someone on Corellia who can get an exclusive! You're a good reporter Raul but you aren't terribly assertive." Angus sighed and said, "It's too bad Brie is on suspension and I can't lift it. If I do the next time she'll impersonate a member of the Jedi High Council, or a Sith Lady! That women is making me age early!"

Brie listened and had a brainstorm. She scooped up her bag with her data recording equipment, made certain no one was listening and slipped out of the room. Quickly she hailed a transport vehicle and headed for the spaceport. Once there she booked passage on a transport ship heading for Corellia and took a seat. Corellia had loads of space traffic in and out. Getting transport to the planet was usually simple and swift. She smiled to herself as the vehicle jumped to hyperspace.

She would get the scoop!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Of Eavesdropping and Getting the Scoop.   Sat Jan 29, 2011 10:33 am

Angus Fenwick sat at his desk lost in thought. What could have happened to that pain in the ass Brie Abyssinia. She had been missing now for several days. It was not like her to be absent from work, not even after being assigned desk duty. Angus had people go to her small house which was dark and silent. Raul Corbin who knew her fairly well had gone himself and left a message.

Angus didn't really hate Brie. To a certain extent he even admired her fearless tenacity. She had given him numerous headaches over the years, caused trouble for the station on endless worlds with her antics, (or so it seemed) but no other reporter brought home more big stories. Once in awhile he had to discipline her to remind Brie who was the boss. As Chief Editor at HNN he valued his employees. Angus was determined to uncover what had happened to Brie. He yelled from his desk "Moriarty get in here!" A young dark haired reporter scrambled hurriedly into the office.

"Moriarty I want you to do something. Find Brie Abyssinia. Leave no stone unturned. Now if you find her sunning herself on some beach and trying to worry me, tell her she's fired. But if she's in trouble somewhere we need to know. Scoot, get on it right away."

The young reporter nodded and headed for the door.
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Of Eavesdropping and Getting the Scoop.
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