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75 ABY - Where the war between the Jedi, Sith and Shadow Knights rages.
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 Scion of the Old Republic-Khelsia Erain Jobert

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PostSubject: Scion of the Old Republic-Khelsia Erain Jobert   Sat Jan 29, 2011 1:17 am

A young girl raced up the hill on the outskirts of Coruscant. Her red hair shone in the sun and flowed behind her a glorious curtain. An elderly servant watched from under a tree, sitting on a small folding chair. Her charge was a bundle of energy running until she could run no more. She allowed the child to expend her excess energy, it would make bedtime much easier. The child's name was Khelsia and she came from a legendary background. In long unbroken line she was descended from Nomi Sunrider. Khelsia was already beginning to show force sensitivity and soon her midi chlorian level would be tested. Every expectation was that it would be high. She would then enter the Jedi Academy and become a youngling.

For now however the days were spent in the realm of childhood, playing and learning the little her as yet short attention span would allow. The little girl approached her nanny and said "Nona can we go pretty soon? I'm getting hungry." Khelsia had a seemingly endless appetite and the servant chuckled. "Yes, my pretty poppet we can go. We wouldn't want you to be hungry after all." She took the child's hand and headed for the waiting transport. Khelsia skipped along swinging the old woman's hand as they walked towards the vehicle. The trip home was swift and the driver grinned at the little girl restless fidgeting. Khelsia could be a handful. l at times. Her boundless enthusiasm for everything and a propensity for mischief kept the household staff busy. Khelsia's parents were wealthy both by inheritance and business interests. Her father was a merchant, her mother a learned woman and teacher at the University. Her mother was the descendant of Nomi but she herself had shown no inclination of force sensitivity. When Khelsia had been born however she had known immediately the same would not be so of her daughter.

If ancient stories were true, Khelsia was a throwback to their ancestress. The cap of red hair was baby fine and when the infant opened her eyes even then they were a bright piercing green. Not long after birth several Jedi had come to see her, one an elderly T'wilek named Beldane. "The force is strong in her, even now I can feel it. She is destined to do mighty things. For good it is to be hoped. She will do honor to the House of Sunrider. Though you shall miss her, be comforted that she will make you proud. This I foresee and thus I foretell." Khelsia's mother had been grieved at the idea of the child she already so loved leaving to go become a youngling. She was determined to enjoy her daughter while she could, until the day of separation arrived.

The transport arrived at the whitewashed villa and the nanny stirred in her seat with alarm A strange transport was in the driveway and the light of her heart grew dim. Before they had even exited the vehicle, Nona knew what was happening. Two Jedi waited on the wide veranda and Khelsia's mother stood beside them, her face wet with tears. The old nanny's heart fell with foreboding, she knew the time had come. Khelsia was a shooting star destined to blaze across the galaxy and none could stand in her way. The little girl looked up at her, the green eyes wide with fear. "It will be alright precious, take my hand." The elderly woman patted the child's head in reassurance and the two walked hand in hand towards the stairs. Khelsia gripped her nanny's hand tight the small fingers interwined in the old woman's.
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PostSubject: Progeny of the Old Republic Continuation of Chapter One   Sat Jan 29, 2011 2:00 pm

As the two climbed the stairs the nanny took note that one was a woman and one a male Jedi. They smiled encouragingly at Khelsia who pulled back to hide behind her Nona’s flowing skirt. The female Jedi came down the stairs and held out her hand in an attempt to befriend the child.

“Come little one, I am Saf’Kiran and I desire to be your friend. Can we sit and talk for awhile?” Her eyes were soft with understanding and compassion. Many of the children who were to become younglings showed fear at first. Her Cerean features brought a wide eyed look to the girl’s face, but Khelsia was fearless. Nona moved away, knowing delay was useless. The child held out her hand and Saf’Kiran took it. She led Khelsia to the corner of the stairs and sat down. Khelsia sat beside her, looking up with pleading eyes. “Have you come to take me away? I don’t want to go!” Khelsia’s mother could be heard suppressing a sob and she turned away hiding her face from her beloved daughter. The Jedi’s eyes twinkled as she spoke. “Maybe. First we have to do a test to find out if you should go. Is that okay? It won’t hurt I promise.” The little red haired girl nodded her green eyes wide with uncertainty. The Jedi healer took a small case from her pocket and opened it. A small needle and a test tube were inside. The Jedi took Khelsia’s small hand and pricked her finger. A small bead of blood rose and the woman held the tiny finger over the vial and squeezed. When enough blood was in the tube, the healer stoppered it and shook. The blood in the tube bubbled momentarily and took on a new color. The woman gazed at it stunned and thought to herself. By the Force this child’s level is extremely high! Surely she will make a fine Jedi one day. Saf’Kiran held the tube up for the others to see and the male Jedi spoke, both excitement and determination in his voice. Rarely was one found with a midi chlorian level so high. “She must come with us, she has great potential!” Khelsia’s mother ran around the Jedi, down the stairs and wrapped her daughter in a tight embrace. She knelt down beside her daughter and lifted her chin with a finger.

“Khelsia do you remember all the stories Father and I have told you at bedtime? Of the great deeds your ancestor Nomi Sunrider did. She was a Jedi like these two.” She placed her palm over the little girl’s heart. “Inside of you is the same potential as her. Now it is time for you to develop and learn about that potential. Your Father and I love you and will always be here. You can visit us when it is allowed.” She knew the visits would be few and far between at the beginning but wanted to appease the little girl’s fears. “Please she can not go until my husband has a chance to see her!” She spoke emphatically. The male Jedi answered her. “He has been contacted and is on his way. He should arrive momentarily.” Almost instantaneously a transport arrived and a tall, gangly man with dark hair and a pleasant face disembarked and ran up the stairs to where his wife and daughter stood. The look on his wife’s face gave him his answer and he turned to the two Jedi. “ You must give us a few minutes to pack her things and say goodbye. That at least you can allow. She is our only child. Please.” The Jedi healer nodded and the three went inside and up the stairs to Khelsia’s room. The room was decorated with space pictures and murals of the planets of the galaxy. Khelsia’s mother found a small case and began to pack some of the child’s things. A few clothes (She knew Khelsia would wear mostly Jedi robes), her favorite books and two toys one a red haired doll. Some toiletries. Khelsia’s father sat on the bed and lifted his daughter into his lap. He smoothed the shining hair he loved so well and kissed the top of her head. When he spoke his voice cracked with emotion.

“Khelsia I love you more than my own life. You have something marvelous inside of you and we have always known you would one day have to go become a youngling. Your mother and I will always love you. You must be brave now. Like Nomi Sunrider you are being called to defend the galaxy. It is a great honor to be chosen little one and I will not stand in the way. You will see us again and I know you shall make us proud. Be strong my daughter and fearless. Whenever you need us we are right here.” He touched a finger to her forehead and chest. His tender smile as he studied her face belied the sorrow within. His only child was lost to him as he knew she would be. He motioned his wife over and the three embraced, the two adults with their arms wrapped around one another and Khelsia. The silent tears fell with inconsolable grief. Then Khelsia’s father composed himself and said, “Come we must go. It is not polite to keep the Jedi waiting.” The three left the room hand in hand and descended the wide staircase together. Her father opened the door and the three stepped outside. Bright sunlight shone and Khelsia’s father reflected How appropriate the sunshine is. It is as though Nomi Sunrider her ancestor is showing her approval. The two Jedi didn’t speak. Khelsia broke free and ran to embrace her Nona. “You shall be a great Jedi my poppet. I shall miss you. Be good and make your parents proud.” The old woman’s wrinkled cheeks were wet with tears and she turned away.

The male Jedi lifted up Khelsia and the female took the case. They nodded at Khelsia’s parents who stood arm in arm. Her mother blew a kiss at Khelsia and her father lifted his hand in farewell. Saf’Kiran spoke soflty to the weeping parents. “You have my word she will be well cared for. I will contact you about her progress and how she is faring. All will be fine and one day you shall be reunited.” She took the woman’s hand and squeezed it. Then the two Jedi with Khelsia in tow climbed into a transport. Khelsia leaned out the door her face white and tears flowing onto her tunic.

“Mama! Papa! She cried out as the transport sped away carrying the descendant of Nomi Sunrider towards a new life.
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Scion of the Old Republic-Khelsia Erain Jobert
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