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 Sirhka-A noghri story

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PostSubject: Sirhka-A noghri story   Sirhka-A noghri story EmptySun Jul 26, 2009 9:36 am

Sirhka entered YT-1300 light freighter and entered a course into the planet Tatooine. He was asked by the Hutt to locate a Durindfire gem, it was a gem used by Jedi. The Freighter fired up it's Engine's and entered space. He never thought he would find him self back on tatooine he made trip's there before he knew a few people if that they saw him there. They wouldn't be to happy. Sirhka would have to be on his guard. He knew these gem's were found of the planet but here didn't know where. He would have to go asking around getting enough information as possiable. His ship then entered hyper space. He went into the back of the ship in the cargo hold to put on his gear. He put on his robe then his belt, his whole belt had vibro-Dagger's strapped around it. Then his Vibroblades he put two of them across his back, then DH-17 blaster pistol in its holster on his leg.

He then entered the Tatooine system. He saw the planet it was brown looking, no water at all look like a dead planet it was such a depressing looking planet. Sirhka then began to land on the planet he deiced were to land he thought of the spaceport on Mos elsy. He thought of checking the local cantina there might give him a hind on to what was going on. Were he could fine the gem when he landed in the spaceport he exited his ship to be greeted by the person who owned it. A human man with blue eye blonde air were a blue shirt and tan pant's. ''To park here you pay me 50 credit's''Sirhka gave him the credits without asking any question, he made his way out of the port and saw a couple guys hanging out around a bulding. He also heard music playing it must of bin the cantina. It looked like a small hutt tan walls every in Tatooine was tan the planet had no color what so ever it was basically dead. Sirhka entered the cantina and took a look around there was people playing music people were drinking taking watching the dancer's like every other cantina. He saw the bartender serving drinks he was thirsty so he waved his hand to get the bartenders attention

'Hey bartender, give me a drink''
''What do you want?''
''I don't care anything I'm thirsty''

Sirhka sipped his drink. No one would dare look him in the eye seemed people were scared of his race. They were known for being killer's. He looked around a noticed A human man with a gray robe on they were the robes he once saw a Jedi in he was a bold man with white skin. The human man was looking right at him He was sitting at a table across from sirhka having a drink alone from the looks of it just watching the cantina. Sirhka then tried to play it off like he wasn't noticing the human man looking at him. A rodian then approached the human man

Rodian::I don't like your kind
Human::I am not looking for trouble
Rodian:But maybe I am
Human::I suggest you leave

The rodian pulled out a blaster pistol out of it's holster on his waist. Before the rodian could even pull the trigger the man with the gray robes jumped out of his set and pulled out a metal hilt, and out that hilt came out a lazar that cut of the rodian's Head with one slash. Sirhka knew that was light saber these guy was a Jedi or sith. Only they used those kind of weapon's It had a silver glow to it that only the Durian gem could do. This had made his job easer he could kill the jedi and take the lightsaber and get even more money. The gray robed man then de ignited his lightsaber and clipped it to his belt. He looked at the bartender and said ''Sorry for the mess ''The gray robed man walked out side and Sirhka followed.....

The gray Robed man walked outside the cantina and into the street's of Mos elsy. He walked in the street's as if he weren't in a rush to get to were he was going. Sirhka Followed him but kept a good amount a distance to were Sirhka could just see him he tried not to lose the gray robed man. Until the gray robed man turned a corner Sirhka rushed to the corner when he lost the gray robed man but when he turned the corner he saw nothing just people regular citizens of Tatioone. Sirhka looked all over he can't believe he lost the gray robed man. Sirhka then made his way back to the cantina. His feet began to hurt since he was barefoot the sand was hot a burned him. It most of bin really hot because his kind was okay walking barefoot they were like wookie's. He entered the Cantina to see see the same stuff going on. Dancer's dancing singer's singing people drinking. He got another drink from the bartender as he entered the cantina and had a set. He couldn't help but think were would the Gray robed man would go. He sat down and drank his drink back to square one.

''Have you come back to give me back what is mine''

A female human women held a Dc-15 blaster rifle to his head. She was about 5,7 about 120 pound's and dressed like a cantina dancer with skimpy leather cloth's. She seemed tough though. Very beautiful looking as well.

''Get outside now''

They both went outside she kept the blaster pointed at his back with the tip against his back. She led them into a dark ally way across the street from the cantina. The ally way was small it was dark but he could still see what was there. At the end there a way of a building the side's were two buildings and there was a door on the ground at the end of the ally way near the bulding wall at the end of the ally way.

Beautiful human women:''So You getting close to my was all apart of stealing my ship hmm?''
Sirhka::''I needed away of this dam rock and I wanted to leave alone not with you. You got my ship stolen so I stole yours sounds pretty fair to me Jade''
Jade::You left me here with no way to get off!

She put the blaster down and told Sirhka to turn around and look at her. He looked back at her in anger he was busy with thing's to do he had to get this gem or the hutt would be very unhappy. Wait he thought she might know this gray robed man.

Sirhka::If you want your ship back your going to have to help me out with something I'll even throw in some money say 500 credit's and will throw the past behind us.

Jade::Doesn't sound good talk more.

Sirhka: 1000!

Jade pointed her blaster at the head of sirhka


Jade::''Okay shoot what do you need help with''

Sirhka::I am looking for a gem a Durindfire gem. It is used in a jedi lightsabers. When i landed here on tatooine today I saw a man wearing gray robes wield a light saber with the sliver shine of the durindifre gem. I followed him as far as i could but lost him. He killed a rodian with the lightsaber cutting his head right off with a clean chop. It's odd a jedi would come out here for nothing.

Jade:I doubt he's here for nothing his name is Hin Quildrom, He isn't a jedi he's a gray jedi who left the order he's nothing more the basic thug trying to make a living, I don't know his whole back round story but he keeps taking all the work since he's a force user's every one rather have him do job's. He lives in the cantina basically He's always there. We will look Tomorrow. We will rest for now.

Jade walked in front of Sirhka going toward's the hole in the ground. It was were jade was living. Sirhka followed her down there was ladder going down into the room. The room was nothing special it had a hard rock floor 2 bed's there was weapon's in a small hole in the wall. The weapon's laid on top on another. Next to the bed was a bag full of minor frag's.
Sirhka sat on one bed and laided down. Jade laid down on the bed next to him and feel right to sleep. That wasn't smart considering Sirhka could kill her and never give her back the ship. It wasn't like he was going to give it back no matter what she did. It made him feel bad a little Sirhka went to sleep A little while after with all of his gear still on.
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PostSubject: Re: Sirhka-A noghri story   Sirhka-A noghri story EmptySun Jul 26, 2009 9:36 am

The next day Sirhka woke up to Jade changing he played it off like he didn't see anything. She put on her gear. Dc-15 blaster on her back pistol on the leg and frag's on her belt. He didn't know what else she had hidden on her. She said ''Come one were going to to the cantina'' She went up the ladder to the ally Sirhka followed they exited the ally way and walked across the street to the cantina. Today it was most busy a lot more people drinking more dancer's and louder music. When walked in he didn't order anything but Jade was ordering she got a glass of Iridonian brandy. A lot of guys were hitting on her but when they saw they were with a Norhgi they stoped and walked away. They spend hour's looking around and talking and drinking but didn't see anything when they thought they should leave and watch the street's a group of rodian's walked in with Heavy blaster's 3 of them. Every one stoped talking music stoped playing dancer's stop dancing. They looked around walking up and down Sirhka knew they were looking for the Jedi who killed there rodian friend they must be a part of a gang he thought to him self. This jedi wasn't lucky at all he had a lot of people looking for him. The rodian's formed up at the cantina door and said
''If you see Hin Quildrom tell him we are looking for him''

When they left the cantina after talking Jade and Sirhka followed them out. They walked straight down the rode when they stopped walking and began to buy some food from a small mart. All of a sudden the gray robed man hin jumped out of the shadows. He stabbed 1 of the rodian's with his lightsaber then he jumped in the air kicking the other in the face and stabbing the other in the leg. Hin then started to run. Hin was right next to him basically. Sirhka wasn't letting him run away this time. Sirhka pulled out his DH-17 blaster pistol and started to fired 4 shot's at hin's body. Jade pulled out her Dc-15 rifle and started to fire it at Hin.

The Blaster bolt's started to fly in different directions almost hitting Sirkha. He stopped the blaster fire on his pistol, then yelled out to Jade. ''Stop were not going to be able to hit him, not with him using the lightsaber!'' She stopped the blaster bolt's but one seemed to bounce of the saber and gaze her arm. Sirkha looked at her, she spoke "I'll be alright''. Hin Continued to run. He wasn't as skilled as he heard Jedi were, Hin must of bin those beginner Jedi called padawan. The ran threw the street's Sirkha and Jade, she spoke again while running ''It's just like the old time huh?'' Sirkha Laughed ''Yup like the old times he said. He led them to a building, a apartment building from the looks of it.

Hin::Give up You'll never get me!, What do you want from me!?, Why are you chaseing me!

Hin Lifted up his left hand and yelled all of a sudden Jade and Sirkha were pushed and flew backward's and hit the floor hard. Hin was using the force it was said the force could do Incredible things.

Hin::You can not beat the power of the force!

He ran inside the building. It was it he had him self trapped. He couldn't get away it was either he die's or they die, They never had to battle with a Jedi this was going to be hard Sirhka thought. Jade was the first to run inside with he Dc-15 Blaster rile, Sirhka Pulled out his vibro-Knuckles and put it on. He ran inside after Jade. The were in the hall way's of the apartment building not knowing witch room he was in. ''I can smell what room he is in'' Said Sirhka. Sirhka Looked at a door from there right. Jade Kicked the door wide open and started to fire. Hin deflected the bolt's once again with his lightsaber. Jade shot from outside the door trying not to get hit by a blaster bolt. Sirhka gave her a singal to stop shooting, then Sirhka charged the room pulling out his vibro blade's Swinging the blade across the waist of Hin. Hin blocked the attack with his saber by lowering it with both hands and putting the blade near his waist, then kicked Sirhka in the chest. Sirhka flew back. Hin ran up to Sirhka trying to kill Sirhka, Jade kicked the hand the lightsaber was in causeing Hin to drop his saber, just when Sirhka was about to meet his doom. Hin lifted up his hand and threw Jade out the room. After Jade was thrown out. Hin grabbed Sirhka with the force and tried to throw him. When Sihka's feet left the ground,Bolt's of blaster fire shot at Hin but missing him by inche's ,Jade was floor shooting her DC-15 Rifle. Hin dropped Sirhka with the force and jumped out the window for an escape.

Sirhka got up off the floor.

''Jade are you alright?'' He then began to walk over to her.
''Yeah I'm fine'' She got up. 'You know I just realized how much I missed traveling and fighting by your side. She said
Sirhka smiled. He missed her too, He missed fighting by her side.

They both turned into the room to see the lightsaber floating in the air, It went out the window. When they both walked to the window the Jedi was running. There faces had a pale look to them all that hard work for the Jedi to run away. They didn't speak from the way out the building to the ally way were Jade was living across the street from cantina. They climed down the ladder back into the small hole and Jade took off her gear. Sirhka just had a seat and didn't say anything. Jade and him were pretty pissed by the looks of it.

Jade::When I see that Jedi...I'm going to kill him, after that I'm going to shoot him until you can't tell he was a human body.

Sirhka:Yeah...He got as good made us look like fool's we messed up.

Jade::We need a new battle plan.

Sirhka:: I don't know about fighting a Jedi again. You wanna just find another way to get a gem I know there's more on this planet.

Jade:: No, Were going to murder him and take that lightsaber.

Jade was fired up, She was pretty pissed about went on. She never liked to fail it was her biggest weakness. Sirhka but they way could shake failing off better then she did. Jade sat in her bed after they talked. Sirhka stayed up most of the night thinking about the thing the called the force. He rather use a good old blaster then some magic trick's. Jade was up also she turned around to Sirhka and spoke to him.

Jade::You know..Thing's between us could of bin a lot different if you hadn't run away from here like that.

Sirhka::It wouldn't of last Your a human and I'm....I'm a monster...

Sirhka closed his eye's after those last word's he had a dream.That night It was when he first met Jade. Sirhka was beating up a gang of Iridoians killing them with his bear claw's. There was a lot of them and started to beat Sirhka he was on the ground on Tatooine. He was drunk that night and started a bar fight in the cantina . Just when the Iridoian pulled out a vibro-Knife. Jade Blew them to bit's with her rifle. That was how they met. He wasn't sure what the dream ment but he didn't care he needed this gem. It was day 3 of his quest to find it and still he did not have it.

Sirhka got up the next day and saw Jade Clim down the ladder She looked at him with a happy face on, she began to talk . ''There's a cave in the desert I heard from a few cantina rat's there's said to be a gem inside. There's only one problem there's a dragon inside, Can you Handel it?'' Sirhka Replied.'' Yeah sound's easy to me. Are you comeing?. Jade looked down No, I found a way off this Planet I'm going to head out to Nar shadda. '' I'll miss you.'' Sirhka said. Her last word's were '' But you didn't last time''. She smiled and climed up the ladder, Sirhka checked her out when she left. He then stayed inside the hole of a house for a little while until he was fully awake. He then left after about 2 hour's.

Sirhka walked threw the street's of Tatooine until he got to the desert. He walked in the desert for mile's Nothing but a endless walk he thought. He saw Tusken Raider's Three of them. They saw him to. That wasn't good. They came from a path way from the left and when he looked he saw a big cave about 5 mile's away. He saw the Tusken Raider's running towards him. Sirkha Grabbed his pistol out the holdster on his leg, He took aim, he closed the right eye leaving the left one open. Pointed it at the head of the Tusken Raider in front. He waited until he got a good shot and then took it. One Tusken down, they had graffi stick's when they came up to Sirkha He jumped on one and stuck his fang's in the Tusken's neck making him bleed to death. He Ran at the other Tusken. The Tusken raider swong the stick at the head of Sirhka. Sirhka put his head down. To aviod the hit and put his fist on the tusken's bladder and out came his Blade on his Vibro-Knuckle he stuck it in the bladder then pulled up. Killing the Tusken Raider. ''That's What you bastard's get!!'' Sirhka yelled.

He continued to walk to the cave when he came across. The belt of Jade it had her frag's on them only she put frag's on her belt. Then he saw her DC-15 Blaster rifle she carried that thing ever wear he knew it was her's from how bent up it was. She was here he thought. That dam bantha! he thought. He then started to the cave. When he got to the whole the dragon was already dead laying there he was just killed. Sirhka pulled out his Vibroblades both of them. He knew something wasn't right.

He walked into the cave he heard yelling he couldn't make out the word's but he knew that voice anywere it was Jade. He then heard Hin's voice. That bastered got her when he was leaveing. Sirhka stayed to the right side of the cave trying to keep him self hidden by using the tail of the dead dragon. He saw them talking Jade was tied up. He had no clue how he was going to do this. He pulled out one of his vibo dagger's from his belt.

Jade:: He'll find you and when he dose he'll kill you hin

Hin:: What makes you think he will?

Jade::Because he's already hear.

A vibro dagger got thrown across the robes that Jade was tied up in cutting her free. Sirhka had very good skills with a blade. Sirhka threw a vibro blade to Jade. Sirhka ran over to where they were standing. Hin pulled a gem out of his pocket.

Hin::So you want this? I have to of them know I could go to your boss my self and give him the gem's a collect a great pay. You guys cannot win this cave will be your grave.

Sirhka Then crossed blades with Hin. Hin kept trying for the leg's and Sirhka kept blocking by swinging his blade to his leg's. Hin tried to stab at the chest of Sirhka, Shirhka Blocked the attack by throwing the blade over his soilder and knocking the lightsaber away every time. Hin tried for the jab at the chest, Sirhka Moved to the left and punched Hin in the kidney Out of Sirhka knuckle came out the vibo blade on the Knuckle Stabbing Hin in the kidney.

Sirhka::This fight is over you will bleed to death!

Hin:: No, NO!,You will die!

Hin shot out a wave of lighting that throwing Sirka across the room. Leaveing him unable to fight he couldn't move anything in his body. Just when Sirka was thrown across the room. Hin forgot about Jade. He looked side to side for her.Then he looked at Shirka. Suddenly a Vibro blade came out of Hin's chest. Hin feel to the floor. Behind Hin was Beautiful Jade. Smileing at Shirka. Hin died he bleed to death. Jade got the gem out of the robes of the Jedi and she grabbed the lightsaber. Jade ran over to Sirhka.

Jade:: You saved me

Sirhka::Now were even

They both smiled at eachother. They made there way back into the city from the desert on there way to the spaceport. There was a ship that was owned by the Jedi in the same spaceport as Sirhka. They got to the spaceport door's and stoped

Sirhka::Take Hin's ship and leave here.
Sirkha handed here credit's 2000 of them.

Jade::No keep them. I don't need them I have a ship to get off of this rock, that's all I wanted.

Sirhka:: Will we see eachother again?

Jade:: Were bound to run into eachother. The galaxy is a small place.

Jade then walked into the spaceport to the ship that was once owned by han. Sirkha watched her take off. He then looked at the gem and lightsaber and yelled out.
''PAY DAY'' He then ran onto his ship. He went into the cockpit and entered a course back to the Hutt cartel. The ship went into space. Then entered hyperspace.
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PostSubject: Re: Sirhka-A noghri story   Sirhka-A noghri story EmptyMon Jul 27, 2009 8:24 am

This is really a great story..
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Sirhka-A noghri story Empty
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Sirhka-A noghri story
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