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 Sirhka:The robbery of the hutt of Tantooine

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Sirhka:The robbery of the hutt of Tantooine Empty
PostSubject: Sirhka:The robbery of the hutt of Tantooine   Sirhka:The robbery of the hutt of Tantooine EmptyWed Aug 12, 2009 3:52 pm

Sirhka made his way out of the bar. He just finished talking to Zhukov Desilijic Tiure.
He got his money for his gem he got the hutt. He was pretty pissed off the hutt was sending him back to Tantooine. He just came from there. He had to return to the planet filled with skum from the galaxy. Sirhka made his way from the bar to the spaceport were his ship was docked on Kessle. His gear was still on he never took it off from the last mission he didn't have anytime. He got aboard his YT-1300 light freighter made his way to the cockpit to enter the course to Tantooine. He flew the ship into space. He couldn't wait to put the damn thing in hyper space so he could rest. As he put the ship into hyperspace he got up out of his chair and walked to the little bed room on the ship. He was going to rest for a while. The ship was on auto pilot. So ever thing was good. He slept with his gear on so he wouldn't have to put everything back on later.

When Sirhka woke up he was at the planet Tatooine once again. He made his way to the cockpit to fly the ship down into the Mos elsy spaceport. He flew the ship down and made his landing and docked in Mos Esly. He left the ship he felt the sand inbetween his toes. He thought it was the worst feeling in the world. A human with brown hair and brown eyes approched him to collect the docking fee.

''You can park your ship here today, But it must be gone by tomorrow at noon. Hey wait a minute I know you, Your the Norghi from a few days ago. Yeah by tomorrow your going to have to move this.''

''Yeah I was here a few days ago. Why can't I stay here for a while?''

'' Eh.. Um... I just need the space were going to clean up you know hehe, So can you have it gone by tomorrow?

'' Yeah I don't see why not....''

''Good good today you can park here for free now let me leave you, I have things I must tend to.''

Sirhka knew exactly were he was going to stay. He was going to use the house Jade was using be for she left Tantooine. It was a whole in the ground across the street from the local cantina in a ally way. First he was going to the cantina to see what skum he could find that might be working for the hutt. He knew the hutt took care of his Business in the cantina in private chambers in the back. Maybe he could over hear something.

Sirhka Went into the local cantina. Were Besadj Kajidic would conduct his Business. There was the regular people there. Regular everyday people. Two Human men were waiting outside the private chambers of Besadj Kajidic. They had Full face helmet on. Sirhka couldn't see there faces. They wore there own Armour, from the looks of the armour they made it them selfs. The armour was all silver. Moments later they went into the chambers. Sirhka went to order a drink. '' Let me have Iridoian brandy''. He sat down with his Drink. He kept watching to see what was going on around him. He was approached by a grant with a Blaster pistol while he was sitting down with his drink.

''What are you doing here?"
''Just having a drink what's it to you?''
''I don't like how your sitting here watching everything''
''Do not thing I am a dumb little grant I see you looking every were''
'' I do not want any trouble short man. I'll be leaving''
''I thought so''

Sirhka left the cantina and sat outside. Next to the door. He was a bit drunk. While he was drunk the two men with the silver armour walked outside. He heard them say. '' So will pick up the packages tomorrow. Those stupid grants will help us load them on the ship.'' Sirhka knew they were doing something for there hutt. Maybe he could wait at the bar tomorrow and wait for grants to bring packages to a ship. It was then Sirhka had remembered the dock master say he had to move his ship tomorrow. Then he thought to him self... :::The dock master wants me to move my ship tomorrow...He acted weird when he told me that. Those two armoured men are going to load packages to a ship tomorrow.::::
Sirhka thought that is what he could mess with. The cargo they were carrying. He had all night to think of a plan, but he had to move his ship. He was going to sell it. If his plan went well he didn't need his ship anymore. He entered the cantina one more time. He looked around his eyes came across the bartender. '' Hey you Bartender! Want a ship?''
''No'' A man sitting in a seat drinking looked at Sirhka '' I need a ship... I don't have enough money though'' Sirhka looked happy ''Well how much you got?'' '' 9,000 Credits''
''SOLD!'' Sirhka said. The human man was really happy. '' Thank you, Your very kind''
''Enjoy it's in the docking bay. I'd move it now though.'' '' I am leaving right now off this rock. Thanks again kind sir.''

Sirhka Took the money and stuffed all of it in his pocket. His plans were going according to plan. He left the cantina and walked across the street to the ally way were the house was in the ground were Jade had lived be for she left. He went into the dark ally way to see the hatch open. He ran to the hatch and put looked down. He saw a man with a brown robe go inside. It must be one of those Jedi. There investgateing Hins death he thought to him self. He Grabed Three Fragment grenades and threw them down the hole in the ground. Sirhka ran as fast as he could out the ally way.


Dust came out the ally way Sirhka began to walk away. Nice and smoothly not running, fast walking but just walking. A few people ran over to the ally way after they heard the boom. Sirhka was stay up all night until the next day. Tomorrow he would go to the cantina and wait for the packages to get put on the ship.

Sirhka stayed outside all night laying down on the sand. Near the cantina. He could see it from where he was laying. Things he dose for credits he thought. It what made the world go round to him. He wanted to know what the items that were going to be on the ship were. It bugged him. He didn't know how he was going to get the stuff. He thought to him self

::I should sneek on the ship when it lands...I should also take the ship... And the cargo and bring it back to the hutt. I'll have a new ship and I'll get paid. Every thing works out perfectly.:::

While he was on the sand he saw two guys walk up to him. They tired to start trouble, It was 3 Human males wearing regular citizen clothing. They were drunk, they were just trying to look to beat on some guy. The didn't know who they were dealing with. Sirhka wouldn't kill them but he would heart them. They began to look at him and laugh then walk up to him, they tired to look all tough.

''Hey short guy we don't like your kind''
''I didn't do nothing to you leave me alone''

Sirhka didn't want to draw attention to him self.

'' You should get out of here be for we beat you up''
''Listen you don't know who your dealing with. Just leave me alone and I won't break your little human bones.''

The one human man who was talking went to swing at Sirhka. Sirhka moved side to side. Avioding every punch. The guy kept trying until Sirhka ducked when the human threw Jab. Sirhka went under and hit him the rib's twice. The speed of his punch was fast and the power to it was terriable. The man fell down crying.

''I told you not to bother me.''

As Sirhka told those last words to the Human he suddenly got a Knife stuck in his arm. The other two human males threw it and began to run. Stupid drunk humans....Sirhka was in a lot of pain he gave out a loud roar. He pulled it out and stuck it in the crying humans leg. He picked the human up and spoke to him.

''Were do you live''
''Down the block from here''

Sirhka picked him up and threw him down the block. He made it 20 feet away from Sirhka. ''Crawl there you scum! ''

The Human crawled his way back to his home. The sun was begging to rise. The next day was coming. He would soon be able to get paid and get a new ship. Things looked like they were going to go well if everything went according to plan

Sirhka watched the twin suns rise from Tantooine on the streets of Mos Elsy. It was problay the best thing about Tantooine. Every thing else was...bad.. Tantooine wasn't the best place in the Galaxy. He Wondered around. Watching things seeing was going on. Awaiting for the afternoon to come. So he could go the cantina and follow the Cargo on to the ship, and steal it. As he walked around he noticed something. He saw the Two Human men with the heavy silver aroumr they were walking around with there blaster's out. They went into a bulding in Mos elsy. Sirhka wouldn't try to get in there way. He didn't want to be spotted and have his plan blown up. He stayed outside. He was going to walk back to the cantina and have something to drink. When he went to leave he heard blaster fire. When he turned around he saw a Human Female half dressed fall out the window. Sirhka kept walking, If he could of done something to help he would of.. Those damn guys Sirhka thought. He would soon kill them once he aboard there ship fill of cargo.

Sirhka entered the cantina.

''Bartender, let me get a shot of juma.. Keep them coming.''

Sirhka had a few shots of Juma juice. He was wasn't paying attention on what was going on. Until he saw the grants walk in. He knew that they were going to help the humans put stuff of the ship. This was good that ment that they were starting to get moving the cargo from the private chambers of the hutt to the ship. So Sirhka walked outside. He turned his head towards the spaceport. He saw the same ship he use to have land. He was quite happy. At least if he stole it he would have the same type of ship.

Sirhka walked to the space port. He was looking somewhere to hide. So when they started putting things on the ship he could run right on. He entered the spaceport. He went to the docking place were the ship was. He looked around... He didn't see anyone in sight. He saw a big create all the way to the wall to the left were the sip was docked. Sirhka ran towards it and went inside the create. It was empty. Inside the big create Sirhka took his claws and made two holes so he could see what was going on

A hour went by Sirhka was soaked in sweat. It was hot inside the create. He was wondering what was taking so long. No one put anything on the ship yet. Sirhka was hot he felt like he was going to faint. Just when Sirhka was going to leave and forget about his plan on stealing the ship, The Two man cover in silver aroumr walked into the docking bay with 6 grand with six middle sized creates. He watched threw the wholes as they began to talk.

Aroumred man::You guys just put our cargo in the cargo hold. Then you can leave, Here your pay. We will be taking care of some earns be for we take off. So just leave when your done.

The two men left. The Grand began to walk into the ship to put the cargo inside the ship. Moments later they came out and left the docking bay. That's when Sirhka jumped out the create. He ran full speed to the ship and got aboard. He ran into the cargo hold and hid behind a create. It was about another two hours be for the men got on the ship. Sirhka never knew they came on the ship. He felt the ship fly up into orbit. Sirhka knew it was time to make his move. He put on his vibro Knuckles. He then grabbed his DH-17 blaster pistol out of his leg. He then began to make his way to the cockpit. He walked slowly and silently. So they men wouldn't hear him. He got up to the cockpit to only see one man in the cockpit flying the ship. He aimed his blaster right at the back of the head of the aroumred man flying the ship when he heard someone talk behind him.

''Hey! You!. What are you doing here!?"

Sihka turned around and with his free hand he grabbed a vibro dagger off of his belt and Threw it at the chest of the aroumred man behind him. He bounded right off. The aroumr protected the man. Sirhka turned back around and used his pistol to shoot one shot at the aroumred man flying the ship shooting him dead while he was getting up to charge Sirhka shooting him right in between his eyes. The aroumred man behind Sirhka Charged Sirhka with a vibro knife. Sirhka got stabbed him his left upper arm. He let our a loud roar and pulled it out. He ran at the man who was know unarmed. He took the vibro knife and stuck it in the neck of the man. They were both dead. The ship was now floating around in the orbit of Tantooine. Sirhka cargo hold then to the cockpit to set a course back to kessel. He then went to back of the ship to the cargo hold to look inside the create. There was a bunch of weapons. Blasters and vibro blades of all kinds. He was amazed. He really scored this time. The hutt will be very happy once he returns to kessel.
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Sirhka:The robbery of the hutt of Tantooine
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