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75 ABY - Where the war between the Jedi, Sith and Shadow Knights rages.
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 Cameron Krill

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PostSubject: Cameron Krill   Cameron Krill EmptyTue Aug 18, 2009 9:06 pm

Cameron Krill was born on Korriban 29 standard years ago. He was born into a life of medium wealth with servants to answer his call. His parents both sith masters. The father a master lightsaber swords man and his mother focusing on the aspect of the dark side powers.

Krill was brought up to hate the Jedi, and to hunt them out and destroy them. Krill at the tender age of 4 began his extensive training in the dark arts. Studying the sith holocrons and visiting the Valley of the Dark Lords. Taking an intrest in dominating mind powers Krill thought it would best suit him to scare his enemies to the point where they would beg for death.

When Krill was six, Krill was on a mission to seek out adepts around Korriban to see if either they would become sith or follow the ways of the jedi. His parents set forth this mission as a test to prove himself in the eyes of the sith. If they choose to follow the Jedi code then it was Krill's mission to either convince them to join the sith and gain great power, but if they refused to kill them where they stood. As Krill did not have a lightsaber or any type of force power, he was armed with a short dagger and a set of poison darts that would kill within seconds.

Several adepts have sworn loyalty to the sith cause, but one person did not. As Krill walked down a lonesome road he came up to a child of about three. Krill looking like a normal child himself had no trouble hidding his true motives for walking up to random people. His innocent face hides his evil intentions. As Krill walks toward the child He introduces himself.

"Hi I'm cameron whats your name?" The young child looks at cameron and with an innocent and sweet voice comes "I'm jabe." The two began talking about random kid things and playing several games. At some time later Krill convinces Jabe to come with him to a remote area away from his house. While walking Krill begins asking about his parents. "So who are your parents? What do they do? Do you believe in the Jedi or sith ways?" Things of that nature.

Once they reach an area that is hidden and out of plan sight, Krill gets bolder and asks "would you ever join the Jedi" Jabe looks at him and says "Yes I believe I can help people and fight the injustice in the galaxy" Krill hearing enough looks around and starts to laugh. Krill pulls out the short dagger and says "That is the wrong answer" Krill runs after Jabe and grabs him by his shirt and pulls him to the ground and raises the dagger high abouve his head and ready to strike when Jabe's father, who was looking for Jabe, comes runing up and see's Krill ready to stab his son.

"What are you doing?" The father asks. Krill stands up and places the dagger behind his back. "Nothing." Krill responds. Jabe quickly jumps to his feet and runs toward his father. "He was going to kill me. He kept saying things like am I goning to join the Jedi or the Sith." Jabe's father anger appreard and drew a blaster pistol from his holster and points it at Krill. "Back off I don't wanna kill a child but I will if you endanger my son again." As Krill begins to turn and run away Jabe's father looks down at his son who is crying takes aim at Krill as he flees closes his eyes and pulls the trigger. The shot does not kill Krill but does impact on a boulder and scatters rock fragments and hits Krill in the face and Krill falls to the ground in pain.

Jabe and his father leave Krill where he lays not checking to see if the boy is alive or dead. Krill holding his face in pain, as tears began runing down his face, pulls his hands away and notices his blood dripping from his face. He rushes to his parents. Once there his parents look at his wounds and patch him up. His father says "Did you complete the task that has been given to you?" "No father I almost did but the kids father showed up shot at me and did this to me." His father stands up and places him in front of the mirror. "Then this is the result of your failure." Krill looks at the mirror and sees that his face is scared and disfigured. Krill's father leaves Krill to look at himself in disgust.

Months go by and Krill can't stand the sight of his face or the remarks that other people make decides to hide his face for ever so that he will never look at his failure again. He finds a dark mask that just shows the eyes and places it over his face until his last breath.

A year later while trying to gain the praise of his parents again, begins extensive training in the sith arts. While in the sith academy sounds of blaster fire, lightsaber hums and screams fill the halls. Krill finds his parents fighting several Jedi his mother turns to Krill. "Run head for your hidding place, we'll join you shortly." Krill turns and runs toward the door and at the last moment turns around to see his mother being stabbed through the chest and his father beheaded. Krill runs through the door and runs to the Vally of the Dark Lords.

For what seemed like days to him in the Vallet only happend for a matter of hours. Then silence. The Valley was destroyed and the caves entrance was blocked by massive rocks. Krill was trapted in there for well over a decade.

Then a Jedi apprentice in search of sith artifacts blew an opening in the cave allowing fresh air to rush through. Krill who has been living off of small animals and plants to stay alive and studying sith holocrons he found to train himself felt the air. As he moved toward the opening he saw a young man about his age. He followed him and watched as he gathered what he was set out to get. Krill had been studying the insanity power and every so often placed an image into his head which caused him to flee certain areas. Once Krill cornerd him in an area with no exit Krill made the images more powerful. Causing the Jedi apprentice to scream in fear and fall to his knees.

Krill walks up toward him and extends his hand come with me. The apprentice refuses "It's all in my head. It's just this place is strong in the dark side it's not real." Krill focuses his power and to the point where it drives the Jedi apprentice insane. "I can help you" Krill says "I would like that" the jedi says in relief. "Good close your eyes and calm yourself." The jedi closes his eyes and takes deep breaths. Krill with a evil grin on his face force grabs the jedi's lightsaber and walks toward him and places it right by his chest. "Good now how do you feel?" "Better the Jedi says" "Good" Krill ignites the lightsaber and it goes through the Jedi's chest. "now how do you feel?" The jedi looks at Krills evil eyes then falls to the floor.

Krill exits the cave for the first time in over a decade and finds the Jedi's ship, but before Krill boards the ship he feels terrible for what he has done. With everything he has done. He was made of the sith for leaving his family there to die, he was mad at the Jedi for killing his family, he didn't know what to do with his life. Krill boards the ship and heads off into deep space where he learns of another power in the galaxy. The Shadow Knights, not like Jedi or Sith but of a good balance. "Here is where I belong. Here is where I can get my revenge and help the galaxy at the same time, as well as bring peace to myself." With that Krill set off for the Shadow Knight Empire homeworld.
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Cameron Krill
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