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75 ABY - Where the war between the Jedi, Sith and Shadow Knights rages.
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 The Story of Darth Lavey - No posting.

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The Story of Darth Lavey - No posting. Empty
PostSubject: The Story of Darth Lavey - No posting.   The Story of Darth Lavey - No posting. EmptyTue Sep 08, 2009 3:05 am


It was long ago that I was created. I was birthed on Naboo to two disgusting beings. Their names are hardly recognized to this day, but I recall the name of Lazarus, that must have been the name of my father. My mothers name is harder to remember, but I do believe it was Mel. They were of the species Miraluka and they migrated from their home planet which I have researched to be Alpheridies, the home planet that became the Miraluka species's home planet after their original planet was stripped of all life by Dark Lord Nihilus.

My date of birth was the planets fourth month, thirteenth day. I was only four days old when I was picked by the Jedi Council for training. However it would not take place for another three years. On my third day of birth I was taken by the Jedi, what fools they were. The week after they started instilling their beliefs in me, they would later find out that it didn't take. I was taken to classes three times a day and I was taught how to act, how to stand, how to speak. It was all very proper.

For two years I was only able to attend class, but at the age of five I was given my first training lightsaber. I was amazed as to how it worked, I wished for knowledge. Even in my youth I was hungry for knowledge, because with knowledge comes power. After my combat instruction I would be found in the Library, studying the old ways. I was once caught in the forbidden sector reading about this Sith of old. Their accomplishments amazed me. I learned about Darth Bane and his rule of two, what a fool he was. I learned about Darth Nihilus and the destruction of my peoples home planet. I learned also of the Sith namde Darth Sion. It was he that amazed me most, what with his ability to cheat death because of his power in the force, his knowledge of death.

It was from Darth Traya however I learned how to pull force sensitives from the force and deny them contact with it. From Nihilus I learned how to strip force sensitives power and add it to my own and from Lord Sion I learned Necromancy.

I became fascinated with with the Dark Side of the force and all it's possibilities. I never saw the possibilities with the Light Side of the force that I saw with the Dark Side. So I naturally started to stray towards the Darkness. However I would stay within the Jedi ranks until I had learned everything I could from them.

At the age of seven I was caught draining the life from small animals and adding what small connection they had to the force to my own. I was taken to see the council and they decided that I needed additional time with my instructors. I agreed and apologized, I was milking everything I could. Information was my goal and I would do what I could until I held the power to leave on my own.

I continued my training in Lightsaber combat as well as unarmed combat. I also excelled in my classes, I was far beyond any other youngling in combat technique as well as knowledge of the force and history. I was the model for everyone else to strive for. After the age of eight I never got caught doing anything with the Dark Arts again. I learned from the first two times and I did not want to be brought before the Council a third time.

It was at the age of nine that I was able to wield another lightsaber and learn the art of duel wielding. I soon became a master of the art and I practiced tirelessly until I was recognized as the fastest and youngest member within the order to ever master the art. I competed in tournaments with the other younglings, however none really gave me a challenge. I was to far ahead of them in my abilities. A boast not made often.

It was at the age of thirteen that I was given to my first master, I could read him like a book, but he was still useful. It was he who first started my training in the ways of stealth. It took only two years for me to master and by the end I was stronger than him, however the council decided I was not ready for the Trials. My anger grew uncontrollably and I left to my room within the Temple.

It was at the age of fifteen that my first master died and it was by my hand. We were out in the field on a reconnaissance mission and he trusted me completely, like any Jedi would their padawan. It was a real thrill the first time I took a life. I was standing behind him as we were walking over a ridge into territory uncharted at the time. I was angry about the Council's decision and in that moment I ignited my blade and thrust it through the throat of my master, he fell dead and I retreated to the Temple.

I was brought before the council, they wondered how my master died. I told them we were attacked by a rouge dark jedi and they ate it up. They sent four masters out to scout the area and gather clues, which I of course provided. I learned how to set up a scene, how to change an area to seem like it was how I wished it to be.

They never found the dark jedi, and they never figured out that it was I who claimed his life. At that time I told the Council that I was leaving and the next day, before I could be held at the temple I had vanished thanks to the training from my former master. I had escaped to a Dark Planet where my anger and frustration was felt, not by a Sith or Dark Jedi, but by a legion known as the Dark Brotherhood.

It was within the Dark Brotherhood that my skills within Stealth were increased. They knew things that no Jedi could know. They taught me how to assassinate and how to use Darkness not as a tool but as an ally. They also taught me of poisons and small blades. They taught me of traps and how to set a scene to make look like an accident. Even though I thought I knew how to set the scene, their teachings showed my I had a great deal to learn. My skills grew quickly and within two years I had become one of the Dark Brotherhood's top assassins. Soon their leader called upon me for a mission. Apparently it was of great importance and as a force user I could do things none of his others could. I was to kill an ambassador. A Jedi ambassador at that. I agreed and the next night, the Jedi perished silently and unexpectedly. After I returned I was commended and greeted with joy. However, I realized that I had gained everything I could from this institution. That night their master lay dead in his chair.

In the time I was with them I learned many languages and skills. Skills not common, skills that the Sith of today and past no nothing about. Those who think they know the ways of assassination and stealth have much to learn. I also learned more about the Sith Lords of old. They fascinated me. They accomplished so much, but they always had a downfall, the light. Some wise Jedi would always turn them, this was a flaw that Lavey would see to never have.

I was then seventeen when I left them disoriented and confused. They would later collapse in their search for a new Master. To many wanted the seat for themselves and soon they broke apart. It was the first time I destroyed and Institution. I was now on my own finally, I had moved through the systems looking for those who had use of my talents, I was looking for the Sith. However I underestimated how elusive they could be. Any trail I picked up died later on some off planet where it would magically disappear. It was a four year period that I was alone, honing my skills and teaching myself. I completed experiments and gained knowledge invaluable to one wanting power. It was information many wanted but very few ever succeeded in finding.

That was my beginning, my start to the path that I am on now.

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The Story of Darth Lavey - No posting. Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Story of Darth Lavey - No posting.   The Story of Darth Lavey - No posting. EmptyTue Feb 02, 2010 3:08 pm

Chapter 1 - Taken

Louis had awoken on his third birthday due to a bright light that had shown through the window of his bedroom. It was early, about six or seven. He had been trying to stay awake all night so he could rush in to his parent’s room the moment he had turned three, but of course as small children do, he fell asleep.

As the light hit him in his closed eyelids, he reached up quickly and pulled the blanket over his head, blocking the irritation. He then lay there for only a moment before a recurring through popped into his head, it was hit birthday. He rubbed his eyes quickly with the backs of his knuckles before tearing the blanket off of him and jumping from the bed. As he landed he bolted to the cracked door and burst through it and down the hall. As he came to his parent’s door he slowed and opened it without knocking, what did he care? It was his birthday. He entered quickly after cracking the door open, but stopped quickly as he peered into the room. It was empty, the bed made as if not slept in. He quickly retracted from the room, using his sight to feel for his parents, they were down stairs, with another being he did not recognize in the force, although he had a familiar force presence as his parents. He must have been a force sensitive.

The youngling made his way to the steps and started down them quickly, making a few stumbles as he did. He had almost fallen once, but caught himself on the railing. Once he made it down the steps, he ran into the kitchen with a big smile on his face, looking up at his mom and dad, their faces however did not return the happiness. Instead they held stern and serious looks, as if something were wrong.

"What is wrong father?" The boy asked. After which Lazarus Lavey bent at the knee so his and Louis's face met at the same level and started to speak. "Happy birthday son," He started, "Today you are three years old, and as such are to be taken by the Jedi Council. They want to train you, so you may become a Jedi." At this small speech, Louis's mother, Mel left the room. Her left elbow was propped by her right hand that crossed her stomach, and her left hand was covering the small shroud that was kept over her eyes.

"What do you mean father?" Louis asked another question that would put strain on the voice of his father's answer. "I mean they are to take you from us, for a long, long time so that you make become a Jedi, a warrior of peace and justice." These words meant little to one so young as Louis, he hardly knew what they meant anyhow. "We have packed your things in the night, you are to leave with this man," Louis's father now pointed to the stranger. "He is Master Taille, a Jedi Counselor. He is to take you to the Jedi Temple to begin your training." His father's voice was thin now, as if about to break. The thought of his son leaving was a terrible pain.

"I will be able to come back right father? I will be able to see you when ever I want?" Louis's questions now broke his father, and his reply was a series of stutters. "No son, you will not." It was a sad sight to watch these two in conversation.

"What do you mean? I don't want to go; I want to stay here with you and mother. I need you." The boy said sadly, as if about to cry. After his small outburst, Mel walked back into the room and knelt in front of her son. "You must go now; you must not keep the Jedi Master waiting. We love you." She said calmly and kindly as she leaned forward and kissed her son on the forehead.

After the display his mother had given him, he turned and looked at the Jedi Master, before exiting his home. After he and the Jedi had exited, his parents embraced each other in grief, the three years had come to quickly for them.

Louis had entered the speeder that the Jedi had arrived in and looked back to the house; his parents were standing in the window, half smiling at him through their sadness and waving him goodbye. He continued to look at his home, until it was out of sight. After it had disappeared in the distance he turned and looked ahead, it was going to be a sad birthday.
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The Story of Darth Lavey - No posting.
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