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 A Warrior's Chronicle-Crystal Daischan

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PostSubject: A Warrior's Chronicle-Crystal Daischan   A Warrior's Chronicle-Crystal Daischan EmptyMon Dec 28, 2009 5:05 pm

Crystal was born on a dark and dreary day upon the planet of Iriana. The rest of the galaxy called Iriana Eolor, though why had been lost in the annals of time. Eolor was a planet of extremes. High mountains, their lofty peaks wrapped in cloud guarded the western frontiers. Vast deserts of tan windblown sands graced the eastern fringes. Wide plains where indigeoneous creatures grazed, and sparkling rivers wound to wide blue oceans. Such was the beauty of Eolor. The day of Crystal's birth, it seemed that the heavens wept, while her Mother and Father rejoiced. The magnificant flora and fauna were muted, silence seemed to have befallen the land. Crystal lay in her mother's arms, a head of dark hair peeking out of a blanket. That one day she would become one of the most powerful people in the galaxy had not entered her parents thoughts. The peacefully sleeping babe could not have known it either.

Crystal had been born into a noble house the House Daischar. In long unbroken line the members of her House had protected the Royal Family of Iriana. Her Father was Gabriel Xavier Daischan, Chieftain of the Warders of Iriana. From among the clan at a young age were chosen those with the talent to be warriors. The clan considered this a great honor, and each family vied to have their youngsters chosen. Typically males guarded the male members of the Royal House and women the females. Crystal came from a large family. She had three brothers and two sisters. All three of her brothers were training to be warders to cousins of the King. Crystal had two sisters, neither of whom seemed to have the propensity to train and showed interest in other activities. Crystal's mother Fizzell was a healer and wanted her daughters to follow in her path. 'Let the boys be Warders, I want my girls close to me' she often thought to herself.

As Crystal grew and began to walk it was obvious however that she would become a Warder. She showed no interest in healing plants or the other things her sisters did. She followed her father everywhere and he often had to shoo her away from the bailey where the Warders trained. She could be seen sitting near the fence watching. At age four her father gave her a tiny wooden sword and play quickly turned to practice. He saw how she moved even at that young age with athletic ability. He began to spend time with her teaching her how to hold the weapon. Crystal brandished the little sword and laughed. Her father began to show her sword forms. Eventually though her mother felt she was too young ,Crystal joined the ranks of the students. She was five and the tiniest one there. She was big hearted and even though she was often knocked down in some of the fighting exercises she got right back up. Berdar the weapons master would watch her and chuckle. Bigger than her though most of the other students were, she always attacked with fierce concentration. The little sword would flash and spin as Crystal learned the forms. She also began to learn Irianan martial hand to hand combat skills with a style called jostar the primary form. With this she showed extraordinary talent even for her age. Her movements were fluid and purposeful. Gabriel Daischan watched his young daughter with delight, her skill he knew would far outstrip her brothers. They were skilled, but she was a natural. As she grew Crystal drew the interest of others. Even the King came to watch her train and left impressed. Her swordsmanship was swift her strokes true. More than anything however she was unafraid to work hard and train for long hours. Sometimes her father had to come and find her for dinner she would still be in the practice yard as the sun set and dusk fell across the land. She progressed faster than any other student ever had. In the end the swift success might have contributed to her downfall. A more mature woman might not have made the mistakes Crystal did.

Days turned to weeks and months, they to years. Finally Crystal was a teenager. At sixteen Crystal was as hard as a rock. Already she had trained for eleven years, longer than any other student. She moved with lithe grace and purposeful strides. So great had her skill become that other students stepped back from her and her father had her practice with the adults. Her eyes were fell yet of a beautiful turquoise shade like the seas of Eolor. No light but the light of battle lust seemed to shine in them and Crystal's mother grew worried. She loved her daughter, but Crystal was not gentle hearted like her sisters. She was whipcord tough, and she flowed as she walked, like the wild felines of the high mountains. Fizzell spoke with her husband and he attempted to have Crystal practice less and spend more time learning other things like the properties of healing plants. Crystal tried to learn to please her mother but her heart was not in it. Her heart was in the weapons yard among Iriana's most fierce warders. Finally her mother stopped pushing and Crystal returned to long days of training. Finally it was decided that though she was young, at the middle of her sixteenth summer she left the ranks of the trainees. She was ready to be a Warder. No rank or title was given to her as of yet but her father looked on his daughter with great pride.

Crystal guarded the lesser members of the Royal House at first. The daughters of the king and queens sisters and brothers. Those far enough down in the succession to the throne that they would probably never rule. She continued to train and grew ever the more adept. Strong for a woman, she was able to put down some of her male opponents. Berdar remained undefeated in the competitions as did her Father. She was exceptionally good at jostar "the way of disarmament" as it was referred to. Disarming an opponent was considered the most honorable ending for combat on Iriana. Killing your adversary was considered a disgrace and an unnecessary waste of life. Crystal loved to practice with her oldest brother Jonas, his was closest to her skill and he could defeat her at times. The two would laugh as they practiced, then sit and enjoy a cold drink of water or the juice of native fruits and berries. Her 'assignment' was at present just a child, so much of her day was spent watching as the little girl played out in the palace courtyard. Crystal's father however felt that one day she would receive a far more prestigious assignment. Only a few weeks after her birth twins had been born to the king and queen. A boy and a girl named Coloban and Colette. As they all grew, Crystal of course trained with the others learning to be warders. Coloban and Colette had private tutors and the weaponsmaster went to the palace for their training. King Toronas expected both of his children to be able to defend themselves, not just rely on protection from others. Crystal overheard her father and Berdar talking one day about how well Colette was progressing and what a wastrel Coloban was becoming. She fully expected that Jonas would one day protect Coloban, it would be a great honor. She hoped to become Colette's warder though several of her older cousins were also in the queue for that position. Little could anyone have foreseen the unexpected development that arose.
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PostSubject: Chapter Two   A Warrior's Chronicle-Crystal Daischan EmptyFri Jan 01, 2010 10:12 am

Crystal continued to progress and grew in both strength and martial skill. Her swordsmanship was superb and though young Berdar wanted to promote her to blademaster. Her Father thought it should wait a bit longer, seventeen was very young for such an honor. Then one day King Toronas called Gabriel Daischan to the palace for a consultation. Berdar went with him and the two were gone for some time. When her father returned he seemed distracted and his spirit disturbed with some inner turmoil. Her mother and he closeted themselves in their bedroom and the sound of voices could be heard murmuring far into the night.

The next day as the family had their morning repast Gabriel spoke to her. "Crystal we need to go to the palace today. Please dress in your formal Warder's uniform and make yourself presentable. You have an audience with the King." Her eyes widened in stunned disbelief. An audience with the King! she told herself gleefully. What could be happening? Her father's apparent displeasure dampened her feelings of exhilaration. Why is he upset? Mother is as well. Did I do something wrong? She kept the thoughts to herself knowing that he would not answer her. Obviously the KIng had commanded he be silent as to what was to occur. Crystal hurriedly swallowed her breakfast and went to bathe and change. She carefully arranged the shoulder knots of her uniform and sheathed her sword in the ceremonial scabard and buckled the wide belt around the olive colored tunic. It hung to the knees in folds and the black pants were neatly creased. The high black boots were polished to a deep sheen and the cap with its shield emblem placed jauntily on her head. She came down the spiral staircase where her Father was already waiting dressed in his uniform as well. He nodded his approval at her appearance, inspecting it as he would any trainee. The two of them headed out the door and to the palace.

Her Father's silence was ominous as they rode in the land vehicle to the wide area where they parked. Crossing the courtyard they were allowed immediate entry. Gabriel looked at his daughter with great affection and straightened her collar a bit. He touched her cheek briefly and said, "You are about to be given a great honor and my pride in you could not be vaster or I would burst with it." He stepped back and gestured for her to precede him into the throne room.

Crystal had only been here a few times before and she gazed with awe at the long ornate chamber leading to the dais where the two thrones were situated. She walked down the long corridor between the graceful columns, her father directly behind her. Their footsteps echoed in the silent great hall and the regents stood as they approached. Crystal was surprised to see the two heir apparents to the throne beside him. Coloban and Colette as twins would one day rule together under Irianan law. They were equals regardless of birth order. Crystal was surprised to see her cousin Tabitha at the front of the high platform off to one side. Her father, Gabriel's first cousin stood by her side, pride emanating from him. Tabitha was five years older than Crystal and also a formidable warrior. The two female cousins smiled at each other and nodded. They stood side by side and faced the King and Queen.

The King's voice rose as he spoke easily audible even at the rear of the long room."We are gathered here today for a great honor. Two of our Warder trainees are to be promoted and receive their charge. It is with great pleasure that I grant this honor to them. Tabitha has shown herself to be a fine warrior, skilled and proficient in all of her battle skills. Crystal has shown extrordinary talent rising faster than any other student has ever risen. She is the youngest student in the history of our Kingdom to achieve Warder rank. So today I promote them both to full Warder status. Please kneel."

The two young women glanced briefly at one another with shock and knelt, heads bowed with respect. The King took a great sword forged long ago in antiquity, the emblem of his house. He touched each of their heads with it then their shoulders. "Do you Crystal Daischan Daughter of the House Daischar, and you Tabitha Daischan Daughter of Clan Daischar swear on this sword to serve the Kingdom of Iriana. Do you swear fealty to House Berawynne and its members forever." The two young women answered "I do" and the King spoke again. "Do you promise to shed your own blood if necessary in the protection of your charge and to die if that be your fate to ensure their safety. Oathbreaking shall be answered with vengeance." Tabitha and Crystal nodded again. "Rise then new Warders to receive your charge. Stand before the people of Iriana and be known. Crystal Daischan I name you Warder and Blade Master of the Third Rank. You shall ward my son Coloban. Receive your charge and dispense it wisely and well. Do honor to the House Daischan and to our Kingdom for as long as there is breath in you."

Crystal stood shaken with her heart pounding in her ears. Coloban? There had to be a mistake. What about her brother Jonas? Women did not ward men. This was very unusual. Her father must have noted her discomforture, he glanced at her sternly. She composed her features and swallowed the rising stomach acid. "I promise my King to Ward your son Prince Coloban and to forfeit my life if necessary to defend his. Should I fail this trust may death give me swift release. All honor to Iriana." Even in her own ears the words sounded wooden and without true feeling. She listened at what seemed a distance as the same oaths were taken by Tabitha. Typically an older Warder due for retirement from the ranks guarded the Royal children until they reached the end of adolescence. The two elder warders in a symbolic gesture surrendered their swords to the King who received them and thanked the two for their service. They would receive a large pension and be well cared for until their death. The man and woman came over and stood beside the two new Warders. The passing of the charges was now complete. The group led by her Father turned in a slow, dignified manner and exited the Great Hall. Crystal's heart was full of woe and icy forboding. She looked askance at her Father.
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PostSubject: Re: A Warrior's Chronicle-Crystal Daischan   A Warrior's Chronicle-Crystal Daischan EmptyMon Feb 15, 2010 11:43 am

Crystal's Father had no explanation for the King's appointment of her to guard the Crown Prince. It was a break with tradition and the kingdom continued to whisper about it for many days. Crystal was unhappy but knew she had no choice but to obey. Each day she rose and dressed slowly with heavy heart, definitely not enamoured of the duty she had been assigned. Her Father however called it a 'great honor' and expected his daughter to give her all to protecting Coloban.

Crystal spent every day guarding the Crown Prince. Coloban was willful, disrespectful to his mother and sisters, unnecessarily rude to the kingdom's nobles. He refused to study or to spend time in the bailey practicing weaponry. He was slothful and a braggart. He gambled with the other young noblemen and drank to excess. Crystal had to follow and protect him while he engaged in foolishness and slowly her anger grew. Coloban refused to learn the protocols of state or to attend the formal activities of the kingdom. Often visitors to the planet were appalled by his absence but his parents made continual excused for his uncouth behavior. The Queen could often be heard saying "He is young, he will grow up and become a fine King one day." Crystal would sigh and shake her head. To her , he was useless. His sister the Crown Princess studied, greeted guests, practiced with her weapons and even learned to fly a starfighter. In Crystal's mind she was far better prepared to rule Iriana. Coloban seemed to sense her feelings, though Crystal worked hard to hide them. Finally one day the situation reached its head to disasterous result for Iriana, Coloban and Crystal.

Coloban had set off walking, Crystal following at a respectful distance as was usual. His long strides seemed almost angry and Crystal wondered why. He had nodded curtly at her, without greeting. He went a far greater distance than was usual for his morning 'stroll'. The two of them had ended up on the far norhern side of the ctiy in a secluded park. Crystal looked around nervously, he had never come here before.

Once within the park he had turned on her suddenly, ranting and raving. "You think you are better than me, don't you!" his face a bright shade of puce. "Coloban you are the Crown Prince and I am your guard. What does it matter what I think of you? The power is yours and not mine to wield for good or ill." Perhaps she should have been less honest or more diplomatic. It was something she would ponder upon for many years to come. Her answer had infuriated him even more and he pushed his face into hers. "I will show you who is better! Then he had swung at her with his left hand.

Stunned she had easily stepped aside and raised her hands in protest. He pursued her however and she had attempted to walk away from him. He kicked her in the back and she fell, sprawling face first on the ground. Crystal stood up and in a shaking voice had said, "Please stop now Coloban!" Then she slipped out with "I don't want to hurt you" His face had contorted, with an evil expression and spittle formed at the corner of his lips so enraged was he. "HURT ME! I AM THE CROWN PRINCE HOW DARE YOU EVEN CONSIDER HARMING ME!" He attacked her again this time hitting her in the face. Crystal was far better at martial combat than he and evaded his next attempt to strike her moving out of range of his fists in a fluid movement. Then he had drawn a wicked looking curved dagger and attacked, slashing at her with vicious strokes. Crystal's eyes widened with disbelief and she pled with him. "Please Coloban put that away. This is not necessary!" She took a defensive posture blocking his slashes as best she could. Instead of listening he had lunged at her and Crystal had managed to grab his arm, holding the dagger away from her chest at which it was aimed. The two struggled and fell to the ground. As she attempted to disarm him he had twisted and the two of them had rolled across the park's grass.

Coloban had gasped and lay still. Crystal quickly got up and gasped with horror. The dagger hilt protruded from his chest and his blood was rapidly sanguinating on the ground. His eyes were closed and his breathing shallow. His bloodless face was as white as the snowy whitecapped Irianian mountains which loomed in the distance. She cried out with anguish "NO!" and immediately attempted to staunch the wound, ripping off a piece of his shirt and pushing down around the ornate dagger. It's bejeweled handle gleamed in the sun, mocking the tragedy. She then struggled to push her commlink and call for help. "There has been an accident, the Crown Prince is injured! Send help quickly!" Her voice was full of despair. 'How can this have happened?' she whispered the thought to herself, tears streaming down her cheeks. It was not long before a Imperial transport vehicle arrived and the King and the Palace healer Dorbaine had gotten out. Quickly Dorbaine bent over the young man, taking his vital signs. He lifted his head and spoke to the King. "Your son lives my King but we must be quick or he will bleed to death. He has been stabbed, the dagger is still in the wound. If I am correct this is his own dagger, a gift from you." The Healer motioned to two guards who took a stretcher from the transport and carefully lifted Coloban onto it.

The King looked down at his son then turned furious eyes on Crystal, the whites of his eyes turning blood red with rage. When he spoke his voice cracked like a whip and echoed across the park. "What has happened here! You swore an oath to protect my son and you have failed in that trust! Explain yourself!" Crystal had swallowed hard and lowered her eyes. Her voice was practically inaudible as she knelt and answered him. "I am so sorry Milord. Coloban attacked me for no reason, he thought that I was demeaning to him. He kicked and punched me then drew his dagger and assailed me. We struggled for the weapon and fell to the ground. He rolled and was accidentally stabbed with his own dagger. I swear that I was only trying to defend myself." She kept her eyes on the ground, trembling as she told her story.

The King's look was like frost, his eyes glinted with stony regard. "He attacked you did he? Rather than hurt him, you should have taken the dagger thrust. It was your duty to protect him, not do him harm. To follow every command he gave you and never to question his authority. If he had wanted to beat you senseless you should have stood silently and endured it. If he desired your death, you should have met it steadfastly. That was the oath you took Crystal Daischan of the House Daischar. You have broken your vow of honor and disgraced your family. Your own words are the evidence that decide your fate. You fought with a member of the Royal House whom you swore to protect. As King of Iriana I cast judgement upon you for this foul deed. I condemn you to death! You are under arrest! Tomorrow morning the sentence will be carried out. As in days of old you will hang from a gibbet in the city square for all to behold the fate of one who does harm to the Royal Family. Guards seize her!" For some reason however the guards hesitated though only momentarily. In that one instant however Crystal made her choice. What made her do it she never knew. In a swift movement she rose and leapt high soaring over the guards and sped for the trees. The King roared with anger, and his voice thundered behind her. "Don't let her get away! Fire!" The command was too slow in coming and Crystal wove back and forth as she ran, evading the weapons fire. She reached the woods and plunged into the shadows.
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PostSubject: A Warrior's Chronicle- Chapter Two Crystal's Flight   A Warrior's Chronicle-Crystal Daischan EmptyThu Jan 27, 2011 4:08 pm

Crystal sped away from the park her feet barely touching the ground as she raced between the trees. She could hear voices in the woods and the sound of dogs pursuing her. Above, military aircraft searched for her from the air. Now her training became useful. Stealthily she moved through the forest, a silent spectre hiding from the light. Woodcraft she had learned from her father allowed her to slip unnoticed among the greenery and put distance between herself and her pursuers.

Where could she go? THIS WAS SO UNFAIR! She spoke the words inside of her head. I know. I will go to the old hunter's cabin on the eastern end of the forest. I should be able to stay there awhile./* She thought all of these thoughts to the hoary trees as she ran, heart pounding from the exertion. She could hear the dogs getting closer and ran down the length of a stream to throw them off the scent. Finally, cold, hungry and exhausted she reached the old tumbledown hunter's cabin. She threw herself on the floor and began to cry. Perhaps when his anger subsided the King will realize I was only defending myself, Crystal thought. In her heart however she knew better. He would never pardon what she had done.

Her options were few and none simple or easy. Surrender and be executed. Fight to the death. Or escape from Iriana. The King's guards would never stop hunting her. She rested fitfully for awhile and then found some berries to eat which she washed down with stream water. The days that followed were a nightmare for Crystal.

She moved on everyday fearful of staying in one place too long. She was often wet as this was Iriana's rainy season. Food she could find and did but not in huge quantities. Eventually she cut her long hair and stole clothes from a laundry area. She changed her appearance and tried to blend in. Crystal heard rumors that Coloban still lived but that his condition was very grave. Guards blanketed the populated areas searching for her. Military and security aircraft flew low day and night. She knew that her whereabouts was what they sought.

Somehow Crystal managed to remain free. She slept where she could. In alleys, wooded areas, abandoned buildings. She walked miles and hid whenever she saw someone who appeared to be searching. Two days went by. Then three, four and five. Yet the searchers did not relent. Eventually she knew that if she did not get away from the area she would be apprehended. She made a decision. She would attempt to contact her parents or brothers.

Crystal Daishan waited for darkness to fall then crept slowly towards the large manor house set in the wooded copse. Here was the home she had lived in all of her life. Here she felt safe. Here she would find refuge.

Crystal moved silently towards a window which was open, its curtains lifted by the night breeze. A light shone in the room beyond the screen, the manor's living area. As she approached she heard voices. Her mother and father's voices were shrill and were raised in an argument. They were arguing about her.

"She is our daughter Fizzell, we can not desert her to her death. I will never do so." Her father spoke in a loud voice which at the same time seemed sad. "We have no choice Penelaus. The King has threatened to arrest us all if we aid or defend her. Would you have us all die in the King's prison?" Crystal had always thought it would be her mother who defended her. Now she discovered it was not so.

"I know my daughter Fizzell. She would never have deliberately hurt Coloban. It was an accident as Guard Warwick told me he heard her tell
the King." "I never said it was deliberate Penelaus. To the King deliberate or not she is guilty of harming his son and the Crown Prince
of Iriana. If she comes here we will have no choice but to turn her over to the authorities." A bellow of rage from her father. "NEVER! I WILL NEVER TURN HER OVER TO BE EXECUTED!" Then the sound of stomping feet and a door slamming loudly.

Crystal drew back into the shadows. Tears streamed down her face. She covered her mouth with her hand to stifle the sound of her
sobs. Teeth marks reddened in her knuckle as she bit down to keep from crying out. Then she turned and melted back into the night. Her mother would turn her in to save the rest of the family. She would find no refuge here.

She returned to the hunter's cabin and lay face down on the ground. Her body was racked with pain that came not from the physical but from the heart. She wanted to sink into the ground, perish, fade from existence. Her spirit was broken. After what seemed like hours her shoulders stopped convulsing and she lay still and silent. Crystal made up her mind. She was going to find a way off the planet. Travel the galaxy.
Find a new home and make a new life for herself. She sat up and wiped away the wetness from her cheeks. She washed in the stream and took a long drink of its icy coldness. Then she rested awhile.

The next day she snuck to Iriana's major spaceport. In stolen clothes with her hair cut short and a hat pulled down low to hide her eyes
Crystal looked for a merchant vessel upon which she might gain passage. Guards were everywhere. They are still searching for me. Her heart pounded nervously as she avoided contact with the guards. My time is running out. If I want to keep my freedom and my life I have to go
Today. Her resolve grew and she eyed the ships with stony regard.

Crystal studied the transports carefully. She willed a break to come. Then she saw it. A cargo transport called the 'Corellian Star'. She saw huge bins being lined up for loading and snuck up to peek inside. They were full of Irianan handwoven rugs which were prized on other planets for their beauty. She climbed into one of the bins. She pulled a pile of rugs over herself and lay still. After what seemed like forever she heard voices drawing near. At first Crystal thought that she was caught, but her luck held. The bins were loaded into the ship's cargo hold. She heard crew members in the cargo area making last minute preparations. Finally she felt the ship lift off. It slowly broke orbit and then streaked away from the planet into space. Crystal hidden under the rugs allowed silent, salty wetness to splash on her cheeks. She felt as though she might drown in tears as yet unshed. She closed her eyes tightly and whispered “Farewell Father and Mother, my sisters and brothers. Farewell Iriana. I shall remember and miss you always”.

The Corellian Star jumped to hyperspace and Crystal sighed a huge sigh of relief. If she were found there might be trouble or she might
even be killed. Would they bring her back there? She wondered that thought for some time. I doubt it. They might be afraid that the King
would think someone had aided me./*

She remained hidden in the cargo hold and no one found her. Luckily this ship was not as modern as some. It had no complicated sensors in it that would have alerted them to her presence immediately.

That night she slipped silently out of the rug bin and went in search of food which she found in the ship's canteen. It was well stocked and she took bread, cheese and fruit. Then a flask of cold tea to wash it all down. She returned to the cargo hold, sated with food and content. Crystal climbed into the bin and went back to sleep. As dawn was breaking on some forgotten world, she felt a jolt. The ship had left hyperspace.

She settled deeper into the rug pile and waited. After several hours she felt the ship land and dock in the spaceport. Crystal tried to be
patient but she was getting nervous. Where was she? At the moment leaving Iriana seemed frightening. But not as frightening as being
executed she told herself.

Finally, with Crystal holding her breath, the rug bin was wheeled out of the cargo hold and onto some type of wheeled transport. A door closed and the vehicle moved swiftly towards an unknown destination. Finally it stopped and the bin was unloaded into some kind of a warehouse. Once again she waited for darkness to settle and the remaining voices to fade away. Then she climbed out of the bin and looked around. There was no indication of where she was. Long rows of loaded bins filled the warehouse. She looked up and saw sensors and surveillance equipment. She gasped, but it was too late. The sound of running feet heading in her direction filled her ears. She turned and fled, searching for a door. Voices cried out in a language she didn't understand but she didn't turn. There was a door to her left and she raced for it jerking it open with trembling hands. It led down a flight of stairs and she almost tripped in her haste to get down them and away from her pursuers.

She leapt the steps two at a time and finally reached the door at the bottom. She opened it and found herself in a long tunnel. Though she did not know it, these were the Selonian Tunnels. They ran the entire length of Coronet City on the planet of Corellia. It was located in the Core Worlds quadrant of the galaxy and was part of the Corellian sector. These tunnels went on for miles and were often extensively used. For the time being they became her hiding place and her way to travel unseen. Eventually she was to meet someone who helped her to survive.

She did not do well at first. Crystal was afraid to be found out and remained hidden in the tunnels as much as possible. Only coming out to
find food, she would then retreat back into the dark corners where the shadows were thickest. There were lights in the tunnels and they were in good repair. Many humans resided on Corellia so she was not out of place, nor did she stand out. She managed to steal different clothes and a bag which made it appear that she had business to attend to as she hurried through the tunnels.

Corellia had huge manufacturing plants in orbit around the planet but the business of buying and selling was conducted on the planet. The
pollution stayed in space, but the credits were rung up by the thousands. Corellia was a prosperous and bustling place. Crystal went
unnoticed for a long time. Sometimes she stole. After a while she worked, packing goods for shipments off world. It was a far cry from what she had done before, but no matter. She had food and a room to sleep in. A few extra credits were in her pocket.

Sometimes she went to a local cantina for a glass of wine. This particular evening she sat down and a waitress came over to take her
order. The waitress was a heavyset jovial woman whose husband owned the cantina. She whispered to Crystal. "Someone is asking for you. He was here the last time you were." Crystal started afraid that she had been found by the Irianan authorities. She looked up. At a corner table sat
an elderly man. He had long white hair tied in a ponytail and a dark tunic and breeches. He nodded at her and she nodded back. The waitress
leaned over and whispered. "Everyone says good things about him. I would be careful though. You are a beautiful woman and who can say what he wants."

Crystal walked over to the corner table. He held out his hand and she took it. He shook and said, "I am Dag Sanjold. Adventurer and galactic
traveler. Please feel free to sit." Crystal answered. "I am pleased to meet you. My name is Alicia Simmons." She sat and the waitress brought
the wine over. Dag handed her some credits, waving off Crystal's attempt to pay. "What do you want with me?" she asked. "I would like to make a proposal to you." he said. Her face must have betrayed a look of surprise because he laughed. "Not that kind of proposal young woman. I am old enough to be your father." His eyes twinkled with amusement. "I need help, and I believe that you could help me. Do you like adventure?
Traveling? If so you can come and work with me. You see I am going blind and my hands don't work as well as they used to. It is harder for me to pilot my ship and to take care of its maintenance. Frankly, I might have to sell it and settle down. But to me that is worse than death. To stay in one place would be the end of me."

"Why ask me?" she said bluntly. "What if I killed you and stole your ship?" Dag laughed again. "To be killed by you might be a blessed ending. But I do not think you will. Will you consider it? Sleep on it tonight and let me know tomorrow. I will meet you back here." Then he
had risen with difficulty from his seat and left the cantina, hobbling on stiff limbs. Crystal returned to her room and considered the offer. Did she want to stay here on Corellia in the mindless monotony of packing crates for delivery until she grew old? Did she wish her world to become a mundane repetition without purpose....a daily ritual so boring as to leave the mind stagnant? No she didn't want that, desire that, nor would she settle for that. She made up her mind as sleep took her.

The next day she could barely work. The supervisor yelled at her repeatedly. She kept forgetting to properly mark the bins. Finally the
day was over and she went to the cantina. Dag was in his usual corner seat. She went over and he motioned for her to sit. Crystal's eyes
sparkled with excitement. "My answer is yes. I will come with you. I do not wish to stay here forever. I want to see the galaxy." He smiled at her little-girl like excitement. "Good we leave tonight. Go pack a bag and come back. Quickly." She left and threw a few clothes and personal
items into a leather knapsack. She didn't have that much. She took the daggers she had collected and went back to the cantina.

Dag was waiting at the door and they slipped into the tunnels. He seemed to be moving swifter and Crystal wondered if she had been tricked. He seemed lost in thought but also wary. She looked around. The shadows were thick, but nothing of concern detached itself from them to hinder their progress. Finally they came to a set of stairs on the far side of the city. Dag had been silent for some time. They climbed the stairs and it took them into a hanger bay. There ready to go was a small ship. Crystal had learned enough to know what it was. It was a WR-542 Shooting Star light liason frigate. It was only 35 m and could carry a one person crew and 3 passengers. It was a beautiful little ship, well maintained.

He motioned her through the sliding door and he followed. The door closed and beeped as it locked. "Now he said, why are there Irianans
looking for you?" She turned quickly and stared at him. He held up both his hands. "I just need an answer. I will not turn you in. Do not be
afraid." She didn't know whether to trust him. She looked up into his dark eyes and saw someone who was honest and desired truth. She sat down and put her hands together wringing them. "I severely wounded the Crown Prince of Iriana. I was to be executed. I fled before they could carry out the sentence." He nodded and she continued. Crystal didn't know why, but she told him the whole story. The words poured out with stammers and tears colliding with one another. He listened quietly, not interrupting. When she finished he continued to look at her. What would he do? Would he turn her in? She could not go back! Crystal waited with a heavy heart for his response.

He stood. "The name of my little ship here is the Kendra Star”. Kendra was my wife for thirty years. She passed away five years ago. Now we must leave quickly." He started the ships engines and they lifted off. This ship had a hyperdrive and laser cannons. He made the jump to hyperspace and the space window opened before them. They were gone from Corellia leaving the agents of Iriana behind. "Now he said. We will change your name again. The Irianan agents are canvassing the planet. It is only a matter of time, before they discover you are with me. I will become Joran Boot. You will be my daughter. Helena Boot. You may keep an old man company until he dies. Then this ship will be yours and all that is in it. I have watched you for longer than you know. I think that you are a young woman who received a raw deal. Are you ready for an adventure?” He smiled at her. She smiled back. The Kendra Star sped off, heading for the far side of the galaxy.


Crystal Daischan, of the House Daischar aka Helena Boot sat in the helmsman's seat and smiled. She studied the instrument panel, all
systems were normal. She had learned a great deal over the past year and a half. She could pilot the ship and enjoyed it. Since leaving Corellia her life had been an adventure. Together Dag and she had blazed a path across one area of the galaxy. Then sometimes a desire to visit a particular place would come to Dag and they would hyperjump to whatever far galactic corner he wished to go. Crystal suspected at those times that he wanted to see places again he had been with his beloved Kendra, before darkness muted the light of his eyes.

The little Kendra Star served them well and was a good ship a true "Lady of the Stars." Crystal had learned how to maintain its systems. Often now it was she, in the system's compartment, doing checks and making adjustments. She loved the ship, loved her life at present, and had come to love Dag. Not as one loves a husband. But like an elderly uncle he filled her life with his guiding presence and seemingly infinite wisdom. He taught her what he felt she needed to know, and everything else he could. She learned about star systems, planets, their cultures and their people. She learned about the greats among the Jedi, and the Sith. Kendra, his deceased wife taught her too. She had been an accomplished woman and a wonderful person. She had known about healing, and all the softer aspects of life. Her logs entries reminded Crystal of her mother Fizzell. There were countless recordings of her interest in archeological artifacts and she had collected some of them. She had filled a whole section of the database with the music of the many worlds the couple had visited. If there was one thing that could be said about Kendra Sanjold it was that she had lived a joyful life. Dag had loved her to distraction. Physically her death had separated them. But his heart had made the journey with her, there they dwelt among the stars. He kept saying his spirit would join hers again. Together they would travel the galaxy hand in hand until the universe faded into memory. Crystal would admonish him then, "Do not say such things, I would be lost withouyou."He would grin a lopsided grin and continue to teach her.

Crystal learned to cook from him. He could make a meal out of just about anything but they rarely had to resort to that. He had saved many credits over the years and they wanted for nothing. She took to caring for his clothes though he protested at first. "I did not ask you to
join me to be a maid. If not for you I would no longer be able to travel." Then it was her turn to laugh, and rejoice in their friendship. He sat in the captain's chair this morning and said "Soon we will arrive at Umgul. We must be cautious there. It's cantinas are often populated by rabble and hard drinking gamblers. When we leave the ship, bring your weapons." She nodded at him and went to take out her blaster pistol and daggers. She had collected quite a few and she drew one from its sheath testing the sharpness with her thumb. Dag had given her most of them and they were all beautifully forged and etched. Skilled weapons's forgers had created them. There were daggers small and large, curved, straight-bladed, pointed and with serrated edge. She chose a poiniard and slid it into her boot. Another dagger she clippedto her belt. A third went into the other boot. The last she slid up her sleeve. Now she was ready. She returned to her chair. They were only about an hour away from entering Umgul space.

Crystal continued to monitor the instrument panel and begin to sing. She had a nice singing voice and Dag smiled. Kendra had also loved to sing. Crystal sang a song from an ancient world that was among Kendra's collection.

I sing a song from days of old
That all may remember
This tale of woe
When battle raged
On a world gone cold
Years of endless skirmish waged
Death in triumph went to and fro
Unable to claim only the bold.

Vultures flew above the fray
Screaming echoed all around
The dead and dying, helpless prey
Their ale the crimson ground
They fought by night and day
Clashing spears the loudest sound.
At home the elders did pray
The young would lay their weapons down.

Shields were splintered in the clash
Dread knights took the field
Who could withstand the brash?
Fell swords some did wield
But youth is often rash
In temples the sages kneeled
Incense burned to piles of ash
While blood on battle axes congealed.

Mice scamper now among the bones
The years took a terrible toll
Silent planet only the wind doest moan
Across the empty hills and knolls
Upon the field the deer still roam
For on this world gone cold
Bitter hatred too deep was sown
Death came and claimed even the bold.

Crystal continued to sing until on the viewscreen the planet of Umgul appeared. A cool and misty world, it was often foggy. It's climate was chilly much of the time. Umgul was a Midrim planet in the Darglum Sector. Its capital Umgul City was their destination. Dag came out of his chambers dressed in dark clothing and carrying a long coat over his arm. He also had weapons attached to his belt and most likely in his boots. “Ready? Don't wander far, stay close to me. This can be a dangerous place.” Crystal nodded and they prepared to land. The tower granted permission, and Crystal carefully manuevered them to the spaceport's landing pad. The ship settled, and she shut down its systems. "Let's go throw some dice.!" Crystal grinned, she loved dicing. Dag nodded and the two exited the Kendra Star.
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Helena and Joran Boot, aka Crystal Daischan and Dag Sanjold left the little ship and headed out into the heart of Umgul City. They chose to walk for the present so that Dag could show her around. He had been here many times in the past and knew the city well. Umgul City was a raucous and tumultuous place. the streets were crowded with pedestrians, and the sky above full of transport vehicles. Crystal stayed close to Dag as he'd requested, her hand inside her cloak, touching an ornate dagger hilt. Due to the high volume of tourists, thieves and pickpockets abounded. Anyone who wanted to keep their credits held them close. Eventually they came to a casino area called the 'Blue Blob Pub'. The name made it seem like a drinking establishment but once inside, gambling tables were everywhere. The pub had several rooms. In one females of several species were dancing for cheering spectators. Another room held different types of dice tables and another card games. Other rooms had what appeared to be guards and closed doors. Patrons were admitted in and out, both male and female. Crystal looked to Dag who merely grinned at her and shook his head. Better to leave it alone and not ask questions. He steered her towards the card-playing room. Dag took a seat at a table where the game was called Abraxian Baccarat. It was a card game played on the planet of Abo Dreth and named after a marsh that was said to be haunted. He divvied up his credits and began to play. Dag was an excellent card player and also had tremendous luck. It seemed like the cards broke in his direction almost every hand. He gathered in the credits with a lopsided grin and Crystal watched him with a chuckle, sipping on a mug of blue milk.

After about two hours of play, Dag nodded to his fellow players and stood up. The mutters of displeasure that no one could recoup their losses followed behind Crystal and Dag as they left the room. Next they entered the dicing area and that was when Crystal first noticed that someone seemed to be following them. She had a strange feeling, but didn't know what it was. She whispered to Dag who looked over at the suspect. He gave a faint head shake and continued to roll the dice. Crystal also played this game. Dag handed her a pile of creditsand she began to roll the dice. She had a natural fun-loving way about her about her and she grinned with delight when she won. Her laughter filled the roomand Dag enjoyed himself watching her take pleasure in the activity. She left the table with a pile of credits of her own and attempted to press the ones he'd spotted her back into Dag's hands. He waved her off and the two of them entered the restaurant area of the pub. After a hearty stew, bread and mugs of Corellian ale the two left for the blob races which were on the outskirts of the city at the Fondine Raceways.

Dag's intuitions on blob racing were uncanny. He laid down his credits at the betting window and won again and again. Crystal however surpassed even his skill and her pile of credits grew larger and larger. She did so well that other bettors followed her to the window and bet on the blobs she did. On Umgul anyone suspected of cheating could face possible execution so great a crime it was considered. After winning a significant amount, Dag decided they had better leave lest they raise suspicion. He looked around for their tail, who seemed to have disappeared. The same small transport vehicle that had brought them to the races was waiting to take them back to Umgul City Proper. They got out back in the city and gave the driver a generous tip. He tipped his cap with pleasure, pocketing the credits delightedly. They got out and began to walk back towards the space dock. Neither of them could see renting rooms for the night. The Kendra Star that was so familiar to them, held everything they needed for comfort. The two of them stopped at a food kiosk and purchased a meal for the evening. The pub's excellent fare had filled them, neither wanted more than a light repast. Flasks of water and a bottle of blue milk completed their purchases. They carried the food under their arms, laughing as they strolled. Crystal began to hum and Dag joined in. Suddenly the strange feeling Crystal had experienced previously returned and she looked around. Observing nothing she decided it was just her imagination. Later however she would wish with all of her heart that she had paid more attention to that uneasy feeling.
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