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75 ABY - Where the war between the Jedi, Sith and Shadow Knights rages.
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 March of the Imperial Artillery

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March of the Imperial Artillery Empty
PostSubject: March of the Imperial Artillery   March of the Imperial Artillery EmptyTue May 04, 2010 7:04 am

Yeah, I am at it again Rolling Eyes This time I decided to use soviet music (one of my favorite war songs by the way) and here is the result:

March of the Imperial Artillery
My friends, take heart and steel yourselves for mortal battle!
We bravely march to war and fight through heat and snow.
Now raise the banners high! Under the sign of Eagle
We guide the fiery doom upon our hated foe.

Artillerymen, we are the Dark Lord’s wrath!
Artillerymen, the Empire counts on us!
From many thousands of guns
For our mothers’ bitter tears
And for the Emperor – let fly! Let fly!

Prepare our mighty guns, get ready to take aim.
We bring the heaven crushing down with every shot!
Unleash the firestorm! And set the skies aflame!
The enemy shall pay for suffering he brought!


The day will come when victory is ours,
And as we march to our dear homes at last,
One last saluting shot - as ordered by our leaders -
Shall be discharged to honour comrades we have lost.

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March of the Imperial Artillery
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