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75 ABY - Where the war between the Jedi, Sith and Shadow Knights rages.
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 Darth Sampaga-Encounters with Darth Pa'r

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Darth Sampaga-Encounters with Darth Pa'r Empty
PostSubject: Darth Sampaga-Encounters with Darth Pa'r   Darth Sampaga-Encounters with Darth Pa'r EmptySun Jan 16, 2011 5:51 pm

I thirsted for power, so I went to the sith. They were even worse they were more concerned with their precious empire than with power, to blinded by infighting to realize my potential. However these sith were not useless to me. It was by their mouths that I heard of one who might be able to bring me the power I desire the power I need. I would seek him out the one who lived by the rule of two The Master. Darth Sampaga.-Darth Congruous,

58 Aby-Location Unknown
"So you live" Sampaga said coldly. He then continued "I thought you died, along with everyone else who died during the war between the sith and the sith'ar." Pa'r just stood there looking into Sampaga's eyes showing no fear. Pa'r never in a billion years thought this one sith would become as powerful as he did. Pa'r never thought this man would be the to destroy Darth Barack.. his apprentice.. his friend. "I left the empire to focus on myself! to become the most powerful sith to ever live. When I returned from the outer reaches of space...Byss's empire was destroyed. Barack Darksword was destroyed and you.. you were then the leader of the sith empire. After our history i didn't think returning would be a good Idea. I do not fear you or your minions Dark Lord Sampaga, You will not defeat me, you couldn't then and you will not now." Darth Sampaga smirked "I never said anything about fighting you pa'r but now come to think of it, I would love to take your leg like you had took mine 15 years ago.Pa'r, I’m no longer the leader of the sith empire, Lavey is and they do not even know if i live or I am dead no one does...I can't keep you alive...Prepare to die" Sampaga paused "MASTER" he yelled out and quickly reached for his light saber and ignited it and charged at pa'r had little time to pull out and ignited his lightsaber, the two swong and eachother and entered a saber lock. "Barack looked up to you, he always talked very highly of you me, i would always say to myself why would he speak so highly about someone as weak and as pathic as you" Sampaga said struggling to push hard. Pa'r pulled his lightsaber back and trusted it foward to Sampaga's chest. Darth Sampaga held his lightsaber at his waist and when the lightsaber got close he flicked his wrist to use his saber to push pa'rs away. Pa'r then pulled his lightsaber over the top of his head and slammed down at Sampaga's. Sampaga the dark lord of the rule of two sith order jumped to his left and a punch with his free hand at the left side of Pa'rs face. It connected and Pa'r was set back a sew steps. Pa'r then faced Sampaga and said "Tell me, If you aren’t the dark lord of the sith now what are doing" Sampaga responded "so you'd like to hear my life story before you die. Well since your never going to be able to tell anyone I've brought back the rule of two.. for now, Soon I will disown it like I did the sith Empire to join a new empire and rule as it's king. Do you remember Lord Thanatos? He was also a teacher of mine" Pa'r knew where this was going at this point. "Yes, The kasai warrior..Your going to honor him aren’t you.. his last apprentice his going to go back to the roots of his old master and become a kasai king, then why are you doing the rule of two now?" "Well to mess and weaken the sith empire, Shadow Empire and the Jedi republic. Then when I take control of the empire thats rightfully mine destroy them." "your some character Sampaga, I cannot allow you to live. Your to much of a treat to the galaxy. I don't think you care about the kasai or the sith. You only care about bringing the galaxy into darkness." "Spoken like a jedi? Pa'r don't tell me you've lost the ways of the darkside?" "I hav..""Shut up and fight me, you pathic sad excuse for a sith" Darth Sampaga shot out force lighting at Pa'r. Pa'r put his lightsaber up to hold the lighting. As Sampaga was pushing hard with the lighting he saw a man standing next to pa'r ::::is there someone with him::: Sampaga stoped with the lighting and the man next to him was Barack "Your dead!" he yelled out Pa'r yelled back "no mi'lord YOU ARE!" pa'r let out a powerful force push. Sampaga was pushed back into a wall hard and fell to the ground when he looked again Barack was gone. Darth Sampaga got up and sent a push back, Pa'r went flying back. and hit a wall, he two fell and got back up "You are far more powerful now, Maybe even more powerful then me but I think I'm smarter to you..I know..I know I can destroy you." Darth Sampaga jumped up in the air and a few feet away from Pa'r he took a step foward and swong at Pa'rs legs. Pa'r jumped up and swong at the dark lords head. Sampaga ducked down pulled his lightsaber back and stuck it in pa'rs gut. Sampaga pushed it all the way down to the hilt and got in par's ear and said "Watch this" Sampaga quickly pulled out and swong at Pa'rs legs and cutt them both off. "Pa'r screamed in pain, the scream killed Sampagas ears. He deignited his lightsaber and clipped it to his belt then he stomped on Pa'rs mouth until he fell lifeless.
"And your story ends here" Sampaga then walked away and headed back to his ship. When he got to his ship a Arkanian stood by his ship. Sampaga reached for his lightsaber and unclipped it from his belt. "and who might you be" Sampaga said.

"Congruous" the man said. "I've been searching for you for months, I wish to learn under you Lord Sampaga, I refuse to take no for a answer, I've looked all around the galaxy for you. I didn't come all this way for you to say no"

37 Aby.. Location Sith Enclave on Korriban, Byss’s empire.

Darth Sampaga walked into the battle arena, this would be his frist saber to saber combat with another sith were it wasn’t trainning. The young sith apprentice was nervous, sweat began to run down his face. The worst part about all this, it showed. Every sith in the battle arena could see the sith apprentice was a nervous reck. ::They’ll laugh at me call me a coward think I’m a joke.. I’ll show them.:::The sith apprentice tried to get himself pumped up get himself angry.Darth Sampaga removed his robes and threw them to the floor unclipped the light saber from his belt and ignited it. His eyes stayed on the arena doors awaiting to his who it was finally the doors swong open by the will of the force. A sith lord came walking into the arena Sampaga’s jaw dropped. ::A sith lord:: he thought to himself. Sampaga just went threw simple Lightsaber and force trainning, how could he ever stay in the arena with a sith lord. There was no turing back now he thought to himself. He would have to do the best he could.
The sith lord that entered stood 20 feet away from Sampaga, he removed his robes and let them drop to the floor and unclipped and ignited his double bladed light saber. “Your master speaks highly of you young sith apprentice, lets see what we got here” pa’r got in stikeing distance and swong his upper half of his light saber at Sampagas neck the lower half followed with a strike to the feet. Sampaga ducked down and quickly jumped up. When his feet hit the ground he swong diagonally at the sith lords chest. The sith lord blocked the attack with his light saber, The sith lord then jumped backwards to get some distance. When he landed he sent a force push at Sampaga. The Young sith lord got sent flying across the arena. He landed down hard on the floor but quickly got back up and charged the sith lord with force speed. Just as Sampaga got in front of the sith lord he jumped up in the air and landed behind the sith lord and sent a kick in the middle of the sith lords spin. It connected. The sith Lord fell to the floor, and his light saber deignited and rolled on the floor darth sampaga kicked it away and held the light saber at the back of the sith lords neck.

Sampaga’s master barack sat in the crowd watching as his old master pa’r fought his apprentice Darth Sampaga. Barack was pleased with Sampagas performance, he had a lot of power. He could be one of the strongest sith that ever walked the galaxy…with the proper trainning of course. Barack didn’t teach Sampaga much Lightsaber combat and wondered how he was able to do nicely with his saber.
Another person in the crowd was Darth Thanatos a secret master to Sampaga. He was the one teaching him about light saber combat.

Suddenly Pa’rs light saber ignited on the floor and got lifted in the air and went flying at Sampaga. The young sith apprentice put his light saber up and cut the double bladed light saber in half. Pa’r quickly on the ground sent kick enhanced by the force to Sampagas knee and the young sith yelled in pain and got down on one knee. Pa’r quickly used the force to pull back one of his light sabers and pulled the blade over his head and sent it down at Sampaga. Sampaga quickly sent his light saber up to meet pa’rs and entered a saber lock.
“Your very good, but your no match for me” Pa’r said in a stuggle to keep the lock. Sampaga kept his mouth shut. This wasn’t a time for trash talk, Sampaga sucked up the pain and got back up to his feet while keeping the sabers locked. Sampaga then quickly pulled his light saber back and trusted it forward at Pa’rs head. Par ducked down and got on one knee and sliced from the knee down on sampaga. The young sith yelled in pain and droped to the floor, The sith lord then sliced off Sampagas hand. Thanatos quickly entered the arena and jumped in front of Sampaga, and ignited his light saber looked at Pa’r and said “Are you crazy, His a young apprentice. This was suppost to be a trainning excrise. You only did this because you weren’t doing as well as you thought you were against a apprentice. Leave him Pa’r or you will have to deal with me” The sith lord deignited his light saber and gave Thanatos a dirty look “I will kill him one day, you can’t protect him forever.” Pa’r then Left the arena.
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Darth Sampaga-Encounters with Darth Pa'r
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